What Are Medium-Tail Keywords, and Why Should You Be Using Them?

In the past, we’ve told you all about short-tail and long-tail keywords. But what about those medium-length keywords that fall in between the two?

Last Minute Christmas Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

Not got a Christmas strategy in place for your business? Don’t worry; it’s easy to get caught up in all the chaos of Black Friday, and it’s understandable if those Christmas marketing plans fall by the wayside. The good news is, there are plenty of last-minute techniques you can employ to take advantage of the […]

Not Using Instagram Stories? You’re Missing a Trick

Instagram Stories have revolutionised the way users interact with Instagram; it’s now so much more than a simple online photo album. Thanks to Instagram Stories, you can use the social platform to keep your most loyal customers engaged, whilst also allowing new audiences to discover your content.

Black Friday Bombed? Here’s How to Cash in on Christmas

Black Friday sales not gone to plan? Don’t worry, it’s more common than you might expect; even big-name brands can fall victim to a Black Friday fail. In this post we’re taking you through some of the biggest problems brands face on Black Friday, as well as offering some helpful advice on how to get […]

Your Quick and Easy Guide to Black Friday

Not to make you panic, but Black Friday is mere weeks away! But don’t fret; it’s not too late for your business to capitalise on one of the calendar’s busiest shopping weekends.

The 3 Types of Organic YouTube Content: Hero, Hub and Hygiene

With more than a billion unique visitors every month, YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine. With that in mind, you’d be silly not to use the video streaming platform to advertise your brand.

How to Make ‘Dull’ Products Exciting with Digital Marketing

Although we love our brands and products dearly, it’s fair to say that some are sexier than others. Some brands are fantastic, but their products can be somewhat mundane and difficult to sell to anyone who doesn’t know they need them.

What Digital Marketing Trends are in Store for 2019?

The new year is approaching us at an alarming speed, no doubt bringing with it a plethora of digital trends for us to sink our teeth into.

How to Create Video Content Your Audience Wants to See

Unless you’ve been in hiding over the last few years, it’ll come as no surprise to you that video is probably going to take over the world soon. That might sound a bit dramatic, but honestly, video looks to be the future.

The Difference Between Long-Tail & Short-Tail Keywords, and Why They are Important

Keywords are the life-blood of search engines. In order to properly optimise your content to get more traffic and visibility in SERPs, you’ll need to carry out substantial keyword research. But which keywords should you be using in your meta data and web copy – short-tail, long-tail or a combination of the two?