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Be a Digital Superhero: Key takeaways from the first morning of Camp Digital

Phil Norris

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Camp Digital, the North’s leading UX event, celebrates its fifth birthday this year. To mark the occasion, our Senior Digital Strategist Kayley Dempsey headed down to Manchester Town Hall to soak up a packed bill of inspirational speakers and network with 500 fellow designers, developers and UX-ers.

Here, we give you the biggest takeaways from this morning’s talks, featuring fascinating insights on digital marketing strategy and more from former BBC Creative Director Julie Dodd (@juliedodd) and Tom Loosemore (@tomskitomski) of Co-op Digital.

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Julie Dodd: Using digital for good

digital superheroes

The top theme from Julie Dodd revolved around the use of technology for good. Julie highlighted a number of notable – and inspirational – examples, such as the BBC’s use of WhatsApp to create an Ebola information and advice service in Sierra Leone, and Ugly Mugs’ creation of an alert system for sex workers so they know if potential clients are violent or aggressive.

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Tom Loosemore: Power and responsibility

Tom Loosemore from Co-op Digital

Tom Loosemore discussed the theme of power and responsibility, noting that the future is being built by a very narrow demographic. It’s their responsibility to design services for everyone.

We have a responsibility to do good things, said Tom. He flagged up some key examples of his work in government digital services, and how to bring about change in large organisations. design principles

He also gave the following definition of a good team (in terms of mindset, rather than skillset):

  • Pioneers – ideas people, creative, but don’t finish things
  • Settlers – decision-makers and do-ers
  • Town planners –organisers, get it done at scale
Defining digital: "Applying the culture, practices, processes and technologies of the internet era to respond to people's raised expectations"
Defining digital: “Applying the culture, practices, processes and technologies of the internet era to respond to people’s raised expectations”



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