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Show AdWords ads that are most likely to receive conversions

Posted in Paid Search


Google recently launched a new ad rotation setting that allows you to show the ads that are most likely to receive conversions – Official launch here.

There was previously only two ad rotation options:

  • Show ads that are expected to provide more clicks (best CTR).
  • Show all ads evenly.

To use the new setting, you’ll need to have Conversion Tracking set up in your account, as Google uses the data from that tool to determine which ad is the most likely to receive conversions. When they don’t have enough data to make a decision, they will show the ad that is the most likely to receive clicks instead.

Personally, I prefer the option to show ads evenly because this allows me to test competing ads for a longer length of time, providing as much data as possible before deciding which ads are performing best, taking into account both CTR and conversion metrics such as conversion rate and cost per conversion.

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