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Social Networking Cartoons & Amazing Facts

Guy Levine

Posted in Social


I have just seen two cracking Web 2.0/Social Media cartoons in this month’s issue of Management Today.

The article is titled ‘Will Social Networks Ever Make Money?’ The real truth for businesses is more like ‘Will Social Networking Ever Make Money?’


As the article highlights, there are some really big facts.

  • Facebook has signed up 300 million users in three years
  • Facebook is looking to grow to 1 billion users in the coming years.
  • Facebook sold a 5% stake to Microsoft valuing the company at $15 billion! Although recent valuations place their valuations at a more realistic $5 billion!
  • Facebook employs roughly 1000 people
  • Facebook’s estimated income is $500 million and climbing fast
  • Facebook is apparently cash positive now

But how can we as business owners have a piece of the action…? Simple, just use our Digital Marketing services! Seriously, watch this space, we have some very interesting new developments to report.

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