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Speaking At The Entrepreneurs’ Business Academy With James Caan

Guy Levine

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A while ago I was asked to speak at The Entrepreneurs’ Business Academy which is a joint venture between James Caan and one of our clients. I am also pleased to say I have been named as one of their Millionaire Mentors.

So the day came and true to style I was finishing my presentation on the train on the way down to London. I like doing my presentations near the deadline so I can make sure they are up to date.  A lot can happen on the internet in a week! Well, that’s the story I am sticking with!

This weekend, I spoke about three subjects close to my heart, Digital Marketing, Effective Websites and Search Engine Optimisation. I think that the most important point from the whole presentation was about defining a strategy. So many potential new clients come to use not knowing what they really want or who they really want as a client. Without that knowledge, how could you possibly know how to design a page for conversion instead of just looking pretty?

I think everyone enjoyed my prezo. I had some lovely feedback.

Here is a photo of me in my stride

And some of the kind words people tweeted

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