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The ‘Breaking Bad’ Digital Marketing Formula

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Breaking Bad Marketing

Although not a devout watcher of the show, last week I found myself sat in a surreal Breaking Bad themed evening at a well-known burger joint in Manchester’s trendy Northern Quarter.  I couldn’t ignore the excitement and following that AMC have built up for the ‘addictive’ (meth joke) 5th and final season of Breaking Bad.

If you haven’t heard of Breaking Bad, essentially it is a TV show created by AMC about Walt, a high school teacher who on finding out he has terminal cancer, turns to a life of drug manufacturing and dealing to supplement his low income and support his family.

AMC have tapped into the viral nature of a devoted fanbase and combined with a potent digital marketing formula to hype up frenzied fans before and during the show’s airing.

Engagement and Gamification

Whatever you do or sell it always makes sense to reach out to your advocates. AMC do this through a collection of content and a clever app which encourages self confessed BB addicts to answer questions and share pictures and quotes from the show through the #bbaddict hashtag.

Screen-Shot-2013-08-07-at-4.51.36-PM bbadict

Marketing Content

There is an endless stream of user generated content in a wide variety of formats constantly marketing the Breaking Bad series across multiple sites. These include:


I was astonished to find out how much quality graphic design and fan art is floating about out there. AMC have truly embraced this as part of their marketing by setting up a Tumblr to promote and show it:


The Breaking Bad fans dont stop at static images. They have gone out in their droves to produce parody videos devoted to their favourite show. This is probably the impressive and time consuming example I could find:

Gifs and Memes

The true sign of something going viral are the number meme’s and gifs circulating the web. Breaking bad has an mind boggling 26 million Gifs and 13 million meme search results. There is even a whole site dedicated to Breaking Bad gifs:


Breaking Bad Gif



Others have been making the most of the shows popularity by creating Breaking Bad themed infographics or visuals. These folks then indirectly promote the series for AMC. For example, a comprehensive guide for the entire rehab treatment process, created this infographic:



When you combine loved characters with a good script, fans will create their own very popular persona accounts which gather there very own followings. For example:


Micro Sites

Saul Goodman

AMC created the microsite for the shows sleaze bag lawyer Saul Goodman. The site features everything a real lawyers website would have, from testimonials to a cheesy intro performed by the lawyer himself.


Save Walter White

To raise awareness of the plight cancer suffers go through and donations for the cause, the gang at AMC created, a site dedicated to saving Walt made by his son Walt Jnr. The site directed donations through to their own page on the National Cancer Coalition site.



Alright, so its not a real blog but AMC did create Walt’s very own blog for Season 1 of the show. Here users could generate a personalised video message from the man himself:

Social Media

None of today’s films or tv shows would be a success without the use of a hardened social media marketing. Breaking Bad is no exception with a thorough mix of social media marketing techniques being used.


Twitter has played a massive part in the promotion of the new season. The media partnership with Netflix and use of #breakingbad hashtag create a community for the fans to share quotes, plot lines and favourite episodes.



It’s also great to see key cast members actively counting down to the airing:


It’s interesting to see the aggressive nature of those fans worried about other viewers tweeting spoilers:





With a range of games and activities for fans 5,039,123 to choose from, the Facebook page is a truly interactive area and a great example of social media marketing.



Not everything AMC have created for the show has gone down a storm. They started an Instagram page to engage those who perhaps don’t reside on the other social platforms. Rather than sharing incredible artwork and behind the scenes stills, the account has a number of random periodic table images and fairly boring stills from the show. Because of this the account picked up a relatively measly 4,110 followers for its 39 posts.


Now Im no Einstein but I believe the Breaking Bad formula for digital marketing goes something like:

Storyline (Meth x Mayhem) + Online Marketing = X million addicted viewers + X awards



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  1. This sounds interesting. But I'm curious how do we rank our products in the Google shopping search?
    Emmerey Rose - 20th Jul 2017
  2. Hello, Generally, frame does not consider the best option when optimizing the website for SEO. They should be taken care properly. But you have provided a few of the best examples such as embedding the Videos, Google Map and Reviews. These embedding content actually boosts the SEO campaign in the positive direction. In our opinion, do they impact keyword ranking?
    Nisha Gupta - 29th Jun 2017
  3. I dont think this works anymore. Linked'in probably started spreading this hack to get more premium sign ups lol
    Michael Fever - 19th Jun 2017
  4. Hi, is this still valid? it's 2016 now. Also what do we write in the if and else statements? What code is expected for us to put for it to process and not process the form
    Omar - 28th Jan 2017
  5. There is a very nice way to explain how each channel should be approached. Beyond the "single objective set" advice, i find it very useful to mention the attribution side and how each channel help the others in order to reach the same, single established objective.
    George - 7th Dec 2016
  6. Great article Phil,Agree with your comment that ever agency promises to increase roi, this is not the case as many agencies don't do enough research to see if they actually can or not. - 27th Nov 2016
  7. Hi Irina,That would be a different angle, it's more about site structure / architecture and internal linking - but if it's not easy to find on your site, for both search engines and visitors - it's less likely to rank well.
    Dave Ashworth - 18th Dec 2015
  8. Hi David,The pages used in the test didn't get any traffic to make an assessment, and we no longer have access to the data from the original site where we put the content in an accordion.
    Dave Ashworth - 18th Dec 2015
  9. Hi John,The impact will depend on how much traffic you on any un-tabbed content - if it's good quality long tail content, then yes, but if it's thin/low traffic type content - e.g. a product spec or similar on an ecommerce site, then you may not see a difference - but, if users search for a product by something in the spec such as an ID, then it would.Basically, it really depends on site to site I guess - so see what works best for you - measure both traffic and engagement and see if either improves/decreases after making the changes.
    Dave Ashworth - 18th Dec 2015
  10. Hi Daniel,It's a fair point, we just decided at the last minute to put the tabs in and was restricted to a degree via Wordpress - but it users miss the tabs, then it suggests Google do right by devaluing tabbed content.I'll get on with making the tabs clearer.
    Dave Ashworth - 18th Dec 2015
  11. Hi Matt,I feel your pain! The one that worked from day 1 was #5:, Dave
    Dave Ashworth - 18th Dec 2015
  12. Thanks, now I have to spend my Friday changing half a dozen tab boxes! Out of interest, which was the version that worked from day one? Matt
    Matt Dean - 18th Dec 2015
  13. This is one of those things that Google is finding hard to reconcile. Searchability or UX? There in between lies the holy grail - ever elusive. Unless, of course, it's not. Someone out there has to find a solution for this somehow.
    Sean - 18th Dec 2015
  14. Great article, Dave. I have a question... does google rank content that is not necessarily hidden, but is not easy to find unless we link to it on social media/emails?
    Irina Barskiy - 18th Dec 2015
  15. I think in the past it was a case of whether the content could be read with Javascript turned on. Nowadays, its more an issue of UX; Google considers content which requires a click to view it as poor practice and will devalue this content. John Mueller confirmed this a while back.I would be interested to see how traffic to these pages was affected after May 2015. I noticed that websites which have significant tabbbed, accordian or below the fold content were hit hard by the Phantom/Quality update. Did you find this too?
    David Gossage - 17th Dec 2015
  16. Hey Dave,Great article! I was following the same structure on one of my sites. Do you think changing it will have an impact on rankings?
    John - 17th Dec 2015
  17. I also totally missed the tabs on this page, until another guy mentioned it in the comments. I thought the article just ended quickly. This page deserves a Google penalty for bad UX. I'm not trolling, by the way.
    Daniel Brady - 17th Dec 2015
  18. Hi Mo,Thanks for letting us know, and for the comment.The accordion script was this one which does utilise jquery: think it's as likely down to the CSS properties as it is the Javascript. As said, when we first started experimenting, only 1 solution actually got picked up which we assumed, from looking at the code, was to do with how the content was initially configured within divs and css. Like with many instances of javascript, Google are getting better at crawling and indexing such content, so I'd say it's a case of trial and error in choosing which type of tab you go for.
    Dave Ashworth - 16th Dec 2015
  19. Hi John,I think it's all about the implementation of the tabs as to whether or not they are UX - appreciate that the ones used above may not have been too clear, though I was restricted to a solution I could implement within the Wordpress text editor :-)Also agree that Google should place the focus on the content you see when you land on the page, but not necessarily that the content contained within the other tabs should be de-valued, or treated as "hidden".As said in the post, when we first started experimenting, it seemed in all cases that tabbed content was being discounted, but now the suggestion (to us) is that over time Google are getting "better" at recognising whether content is hidden for manipulative purposes, or UX.
    Dave Ashworth - 16th Dec 2015
  20. Hi William,Thanks for the feedback. If you mean "tabs" that actually go to new pages, then in some cases I would agree it will a) keep the content tidy and b) improve the UX, though it really depends on the volume of content within the tab - you could end up creating a load of thin / duplicate pages and then face Panda issues.In general though, I think tabs are the way forward, you just need to find one that ticks all boxes, assuming you want to accommodate UX and SEO
    Dave Ashworth - 16th Dec 2015
  21. Great post! It was featured on Moz's Top 10 Newsletter for this month! Congratulations :).I have two questions - which Accordion script were you using, was it custom made or just using jQuery UI? Do you think that using a well known library, such as JQuery UI would yield better SEO results?
    Mo - 16th Dec 2015
  22. I would say that hidden tab stuff is bad Ux (most of the time). I could figure out what the heck was going on when I read this post and it seems to end without having addressed the issue sensibly. Oh, the content is hidden up above I finally figured out. I think Google does exactly the right thing, in making the hidden content a very low ranking factor for the page because as a user it is hidden and not the focus of the page.
    John - 15th Dec 2015
  23. Dave, I like the update on this. However I have a very personal opinion about coded tabbed content and "content that looks like tabbed but it's not."My opinion is that if you make it "look like tabbed" for usability purposes, but it's not, then it's fine and there should be no problem. If you use a traditional method (hashbangs?), there could be issues.Nice example above, btw.
    William Alvarez - 8th Dec 2015
  24. Or this:
    Matt - 4th Nov 2015
  25. Reddit is one of the best sources of traffic there is out there, I've managed to leverage huge audiences from it by creating an distributing news-jacked content on there - I've never isolated them for a remarketing campaign though. I'll have to give it a go!
    Simon - 28th Oct 2015
  26. I really like the idea of an integrated user experience and Facebook as a 'digital mall'. This seems like a system that can be beneficial for everyone. There's been a huge migration to social media sites as another marketing platform, and today the majority of business owners have wised up to the fact that social media is a fantastic way to promote a business - most hold accounts in at least the two giants of social media: Facebook and Twitter. Facebook's next step looks like it can only be a greater advantage to those using the platform, as long as it continues to be cost-free!
    Anna - 7th Oct 2015
  27. Hi Jamie,I was very excited about this hack, its absolutely fantastic. However, when I tired the hack it didn't really workout for me. Could you take a look at my web code and let me know what I'm doing wrong?website: Line: 670I think the problem might be linked id as I couldn't find a number rather a bunch of letters.Thank you, Gaurav Jain
    Gaurav Jain - 21st Sep 2015
  28. I like the ebay and bing logos but I don't think the others work quite so well
    Adam - 7th Sep 2015
  29. I wonder what the Party City logo would look like applied to this? ;-)
    Pete - 4th Sep 2015
  30. Nice. I think that the recreated Apple logo looks the best.
    Phids - 4th Sep 2015
  31. You just Googlelified all of them :p
    Darshan Gajara - 4th Sep 2015
  32. Nice work! In My opinion it shows how childish Google's new logo is. Kindergarten!
    Christoph Freitag - 4th Sep 2015
  33. I keep thinking Life Savers candy when I see the new Google logo.
    Kathie Daniel - 4th Sep 2015
  34. Very cute!
    Peter - 4th Sep 2015
  35. the last logo looks really funny. :) good idea!
    andrea - 4th Sep 2015
  36. Amazingly Good!
    ClickRipple - 4th Sep 2015
  37. Great list - we use all of these ourselves. And thanks for the BrightLocal mention!
    ross - 28th Jul 2015
  38. An honest and truly inspirational story into what it took to build the company culture. A great read!! Keep knowing your shit guys... It's clearly working!
    Michael - 11th Jul 2015
  39. i also recommend Google page insight, it shows more details.
    Marcin - 15th Jun 2015
  40. A nice concise list of template providers you have created up there Jamie! Thanks for sharing - I second you with the fact that responsive design is very hot on the email marketing table now and for a few years to come to say the least - and thus just cannot be ignored. Creating templates for emails every time you plan a campaign shout out can be cumbersome. We have developed something similar to keep the email template worries at bay. It's a master email template specific for MailChimp users. All the user would be required to do is customize the template by editing blocks, new images, content, etc. This is a responsive template and and is only a one-time effort for customizing using the user's brand assets. You can find the jackpot here:
    Ravi Shah - 13th Apr 2015
  41. Have noticed the Pigeon update rolling out further and further in the UK since its initial announcement - more and more local map packs are appearing where they where non-existent beforehand.
    Josh Adams - 28th Mar 2015
  42. Thanks Theresa!
    Guy Levine - 6th Mar 2015
  43. Love your values and the implementation.
    Theresa Schwab - 5th Mar 2015
  44. And we couldn't have done it without you Rob!
    Guy Levine - 28th Feb 2015
  45. Great read Guy. Privileged to have been apart of the early days.
    Rob - 27th Feb 2015
  46. I skipped validation and the data seems to be coming through OK...
    shravan - 17th Dec 2014
  47. Great article, Jamie. Really highlights some of the pitfalls using iFrames.I've come across some nasty iFrame implementations in the past - causes a nightmare with Google Analytics as well!I find the Google Maps example a particularly frustrating one as 1. Google are the ones handing these out in the first place but 2. it doesn't take a huge effort to use a JS version.Google Maps JS Guide here.and you can do some really beautiful looking maps with the JS implementation.Have a look at these.Cheers.
    Gareth Morgans - 22nd Nov 2014
  48. Hey there, if anyone stumbles across this page like I did today... If you're using GTM with UA, just click on ignore when you get the error message in your Analytics Dashboard and you're good to go.
    Xceno - 8th Oct 2014
  49. A nice selection of cool productivity tips. Thanks for sharing.The maths tricks doesn't seem to work for me though for some reason...
    Daniel Dou - 18th Jul 2014
  50. Thanks for the comment! I LOVE the comparison to supermarkets Dan, you're so right. I think the biggest reason for the drama is that people actually know what businesses are doing to them now, so they actually can kick off about it. But it's nothing new really...Maybe people are just so scared of how much they need Facebook that they forget what it actually is and think of it as an innocent place where they spill their lives. Oh, people.
    Laura Thomas - 11th Jul 2014
  51. I'll expand more upon my Twitter comment. I think you've hit the nail on the head. Facebook for all intents and purposes is a free platform - they primarily make their money as a functional business by advertising. They reserve the right to gather data and test upon its users the same as any other business that operates. Its not unlike a supermarket moving a stand closer to the till and seeing if sales of that product increase or decrease. They'll then build a strategy around it and create POS displays etc.The essence of marketing hasn't changed, the technology/medium may have - but humans at base haven't. Just because we're more aware now doesn't mean that certain things won't trigger emotive patterns in our behaviour and thats exactly what Facebook can say to their sponsors - look, "hey we know that if you talk about sweets on a Friday, people are happy and talk more about how much they want them"Like you say, if people don't like the idea that Facebook wants to improve its service to users while making money to keep that service free, its easy to deactivate!
    Dan Akister - 11th Jul 2014
  52. Yep, I just fell into the Universal Tracking trap - not impressed by Google.
    Christian - 13th Jun 2014
  53. Hi Kerry,What service are you selling? I could give you a few ideas specific to you.I think the best type of service videos come in the combination below:1) A general video (30 seconds – 2 mins) that educates your target audience and sells the service. 2) Individual videos supporting the general video e.g. if you touch upon that your service integrates with MailChimp, do a separate video going into detail about the integration. 3) You should have videos that deals with your customers’ needs such as set up, first steps, common problems, FAQs etc. 4) You should also have testimonial videos to act as a convincer.Hope this helps.
    Jamie Sellars - 5th Jun 2014
  54. Hi Jamie, this is great. I am looking to make a video selling a service, rather than a product. Do you have any suggestions?Great blogs by the way!Kerry
    kerry - 5th Jun 2014
  55. I agree with Dave, Nice simple solutions, seems to work ok, not been spammed yet. Thanks for sharing. Martyn
    Martyn Jennings-Temple - 6th Mar 2014
  56. Nice Colin thanks for the inclusion of our quiz mate.ThanksDan
    Dan Norris - 5th Feb 2014
  57. Hi Dave,You mentioned a tool for sending emails using a CSV, could I possibly request a look, have removed dozens of manual actions over the past nine months or so and a tool like this is overdue.You can have a look at my quick Chrome extension for manually checking links as well if you're interested, I found I was spending a huge amount of time simply loading pages and finding the link to check on each page compared to the actual link decision time, so the extension lets you import all the URLs you want to check, opens 25 tabs and every time you close one tab, another tab down the queue opens in the background so you have new URLs loading in the background and never have to wait for pages to load. Also each page the links to the penalized site are highlighted and a box shows the link source code, so you can find them right away. Boom, I can see all links, and have all pages loading automatically. Chopped realistically 30% off my link checking time, fairly basic but it really helped me anyway, thanks,Jeremy
    Jeremy - 2nd Jan 2014
  58. Hi Jonathan,Thanks for your comments,Many have had similar issues with DSA. We trialled various ads, testing different messages, increasing Max CPC's and so on. Although the average CPC's remained relatively low we found the average position of all ads struggled to retain a strong position as you mentioned.It could be worth reviewing your search term report (In Adwords go to 'Keywords' - 'Details' - 'Search Terms') to see what your audience are searching before finding your ads. From there you can apply negative keywords to prevent your ads from appearing during poor/non relevant searches.Although the idea of DSA is really good and may work for some, targeting a relevant audience and retaining a strong ad position remains problematic so I would actually suggest sticking to regular search ads for the time being.Hope this helps, Ben
    Ben Reed - 19th Dec 2013
  59. Captchas don't work. And they are irritating. Hidden fields don't work. CSS tricks don't work. I have tried them all.What does work is a bit of clever Javascript to ensure that a live person is filling out the form. The details are here at .Whenever I add this technique to a site that has been getting form spam, the form spam stops immediately. And it never returns. It is very effective.Note that the technique is free, open source, and no revenue-generating ads on my site. Take a look!
    Rick - 19th Dec 2013
  60. Great work Dave, simple and effective. although why would you have a captcha form at the bottom of this post if you didnt need it?
    rob - 17th Dec 2013
  61. Can anyone tell me what their DSA's average position is? I am finding that my quality scores are less than where I want them to be, and its effecting my positioning. I am being aggressive with my bids, so I'm assuming that that my quality score is my downfall, and the reason for my poor avg. positioning. Any suggestions on how to better my QS and avg pos. with out changing the content on my site?I get the feeling that because so much of this is automated that I wont be able to get a much better result...Any suggestions? Have you seen a avg pos better than 3.2? If so would could you take a screen shot of your ad? I would really like to figure this out how better my DSA's.
    Jonathon - 9th Dec 2013
  62. Yes I completely agree. This post sums it up where PPC is going very well:
    Justin Butcher - 15th Nov 2013
  63. With less and less emphasis on Keywords how do you expect this will impact on PPC campaigns? I would expect a lot more emphasis on optimising landing pages to be more context based, what are your thoughts?Thanks
    Colin - 15th Nov 2013
  64. Brilliant list Colin - must have taken you hours!Cheers!
    Marty Rogers - 12th Nov 2013
  65. Hi Chris, thanks for your message and good question!To find similar audiences, Google confirmed they look at millions of users data across the entire Display Network (i.e. rather than using other Remarketing advertisers first party data) using contextual targeting to establish a list of shared interests and characteristics.I hope this helps, Ben
    Ben Reed - 8th Nov 2013
  66. I think the move to produce results matching the searcher's 'intent' in maps is admirable (see hummingbird) though fraught with difficulty. I appreciate that Google aim to swerve past the various manipulating endeavours of web-master practitioners but reproducing random snippets from third party comparison sites seems to fly in the face of focus. My opinion, though obviously biased because of what I do, is that the nearest Google have come to presenting an accurate fore-taste of a venue to the person searching, is with Google Business Photos. At least a venue can be accurately viewed if not reviewed.
    Edwin Devey - 5th Nov 2013
  67. Reviews will be central to understanding the 'search'/'question' posed. Weighted for customer experience they are the only 'semantic search' method that has real human input. Hence your phrase sentiment analysis and mine weighted semantic/human input seem nearly the same. Good article.Thanks to +martin shervingtom for the share.
    Stuart - 4th Nov 2013
  68. Hi Ben, thanks for writing this article. Question for you: do you know if other AdWords Remarketing advertisers' first party data is part of the data set/signal Google uses for Similar Audiences?
    Chris Zaharias - 2nd Nov 2013
  69. Hi Mark,Thanks for your feedback, you can find some positive examples here:
    Nazma Noor - 25th Oct 2013
  70. This is a dreadful article. I read Return On Digital blog regularly and I expected more. How can you title this post 'The Art Of Dealing With Negative Feedback' and not provide one single positive example, only well-publicised examples of how not to do it?
    marktristan - 25th Oct 2013
  71. Hi Gareth, thanks for the comment.I get the feeling that Instagram's ad pricing will be too prohibitive to the smaller guys, as is the case with Twitter's promoted tweets. You're right though - it may take them some time to get it right, but I guess we'll find out soon enough!
    Hassan Ali - 21st Oct 2013
  72. Hi Dave,Great article! I had a question and a comment.1) Can I see the script you used for emailing domains? I used the same process as you to that point (OSE, WMT, Majestic links -> Link Detox) and I was wondering how to properly mail merge the resultant Excel so that I don't email each domain numerous times. Thanks in advance!2) I just personally got a penalty removed on the second reconsideration request, so that might still be a good rule of thumb to consider.Thanks again :) Ari
    Ari Roth - 20th Oct 2013
  73. It's always the problem though, isn't it? It was the same even with Google when they first started looking at monetization options - they simply took what GoTo were doing, and made it ten times better (I seem to remember GoTo based their PPC model purely around highest spend, which obviously works against Google's ethos of relevant results).Twitter still seems to be battling with monetisation models too (promoted tweets are great, but aren't very accessible unless you have a higher budget); Instagram will probably have to experiment quite a bit before they get it right.Good post, anyway. Thanks for sharing.
    Gareth - 19th Oct 2013
  74. Great case study Dave - thanks for sharing in the SEO group on G+. We have gone through this with various clients, and in fact, have one right now who has been struggling in the aftermath of the May 2013 Penguin update. So far, their requests have all been rejected, but the cleanup effort is still a WIP. I shared this with them to help make that move faster. Keep up the great work.
    Tommy Landry - 18th Oct 2013
  75. A technical glitch..... .....Five reconsideration requests is amazing. ..your sticktoitiveness paid off.
    CD Calkins - 18th Oct 2013
  76. Hi Dave,Would be keen to see the script you were talking about, we have had 3 clients come to us from other companies with penalties and we are going through the whole process manually, would love to save some time on it.ThanksBrennan
    Brennan - 17th Oct 2013
  77. Awesome work Dave - very tedious but extremely worthwhile.
    Marty Rogers - 17th Oct 2013
  78. Good article Dave...It is good to know the pain you go through when you do more than one request. The penalties I was able to recover so far were all at first or second time...If I get rejected I really get a grasp one what is still wrong and get it right then...I feel may piss off Google after 4th or 5th request and hence taking longer.
    Daniel Vareta - 17th Oct 2013
  79. Excellent guide. I've been using some of these shortcuts for years! The letter count thing is excellent, I think I use a different site, but it's been easy to get quick counts on everything from META data to on page content.
    Clayton Nichols - 15th Oct 2013
  80. Hi Naoise,To confirm what the issue is with the code:The rel/prev next tabs is used to consolidate several pages into 1 so that 1 page is returned in search, generally the first onemore on this here: confirms that rel next/prev: - Consolidate indexing properties, such as links, from the component pages/URLs to the series as a whole (i.e., links should not remain dispersed between page-1.html, page-2.html, etc., but be grouped with the sequence). - Send users to the most relevant page/URL—typically the first page of the series.If you were to set up a site on wordpress with several pages without fixing the bug, they'd have rel next/prev in place, that would effectively turn your site into one page - so this fix would avoid that - I guess it was referred to as a canonical issue because prev/next effectively takes all pages and rolls them into one...In any case, if you don't amend the bug, you may face issues
    Dave Ashworth - 14th Oct 2013
  81. The language (and substance) of this post is quite confused. rel=prev, rel=next do not indicate 'canonical' status. Only rel=canonical does.If you have prev,next tags on your paginated content, Google will return the page in its SERPS it feels is most relevant to the query.rel prev,next does not 'canonicalize' anything.It's true you shouldn't use rel=canonical on paginated content, but rel=prev, rel=next are NOT the same as rel=canonical
    Naoise - 10th Oct 2013
  82. Thanks for the feedback Tracey.
    Colin Skinner - 10th Sep 2013
  83. I was gutted to lose Google's keyword tool. To say the replacement is poor is an understatement. As well as the things you mention in this post, another issue I've found is that, when using the new keyword planner tool (in Chrome I might add), if you create more than 5 new Ad Groups, you then cannot see them displayed and therefore click to switch between them to add suggested keywords to your newly created Ad Groups. It doesn't even work well for PPC'ers - precisely the market it is supposed to cater for!Out of your list, I've found Wordstream really useful, although it doesn't give you search volumes unless you're a paid subscriber (which I am) - and even then it is global rather than local. Wordstream has a good list of related keywords from it's own database from which I've identified some keyword win where Google failed. This has made it worth the monthly subscription.
    Tracey Drain - 10th Sep 2013
  84. Hi Will Apologies for manipulating your image like that :P How did you come across it?
    Colin Skinner - 10th Sep 2013
  85. My nerd fame has come to fruition. And you didn't even drop us a link, you rascals. :)
    Will - 10th Sep 2013
  86. You have rightly pointed out that Google keyword planner is not designed for Organic SEO.
    Dr Mahesh C. Jain - 8th Sep 2013
  87. i was troubled when i found out that google keyword tool have disappeared from the net. But thanks man, your article is a true source of hope now. i will definitely try some keys there
    owuogba - 6th Sep 2013
  88. Hi Ali Thanks for the comment and feedback.
    Colin Skinner - 6th Sep 2013
  89. Hi Colin,I too lament the death of my favourite research tool. But your alternatives are great - although Google Trends I find can be a little bit unreliable sometimes and it's hard to get data for more targeted stuff. Still, combined with Übersuggest or another ideas generator, you could get some good ballpark figures for search volume and get competing page numbers from "keyword" searches.There's always a way through!
    Ali Moghadam - 6th Sep 2013
  90. So true, I'm a young graduate with Masters in Computer Science learning Digital Marketing. This article has given me a lot of information. Thank you.
    Saritha - 28th Aug 2013
  91. I haven't seen this show, but that's a nice breakdown of the marketing concept behind it. If you look at it from an online marketer's point of view what they have done is literally create an audience rather than a list of subscribers. An audience is actively engaged with the subject, with a subscriber it's more passive.The lesson for us as marketers is we need to build an audience that engages with us, and wants to engage with us, rather than just a list of people we email stuff to.On another note I'd be quite happy to get over 4,000 Instagram followers for 39 posts :-)
    Robert Black - 24th Aug 2013
  92. Great article Hassan, really insightful. Amazing to see how social media has allowed consumers to have a direct say into how products are designed. The bridge between consumers and companies has truly been constructed through social media.Keep the articles coming Hassan ....
    T - 19th Aug 2013
  93. Awesome piece Justin, Just as you had predicted, social media platforms have become crucial to SEO campaigns. There is no better opinion than that of real human beings, and social signals are a testimony of high-quality content and sites.
    Anna Robeson - 7th Aug 2013
  94. Thank you very much Dave I appreciate. I'm gonna use this technique and I'm pretty sure it will work successfully. The funny thing is, you just told me how to avoid spam message without using captcha and I can see captcha window right bellow this comment box, LOLAnyways, I agree with Tony (the above comment). Dave Ashworth have provided one of the best, simplest and logical explanation to avoid spam emails and no comments? strange! I'll give 10/10 for his valuable post. and Please guys, show some respect and give your valuable comments to this person.Thanks again Dave :-)
    Pradnyankur - 6th Aug 2013
  95. I already see the headlines in a couple of years: "Google Local Carousel goes commercial"...
    William - 29th Jul 2013
  96. thanks for sharing a great resource really helpful for the webmasters to make offsite seo effort count
    shane knight - 7th Jul 2013
  97. 5% of the search engine market share and in November 2008 there were 255 million search queries.) When you tweet out relevant, cutting-edge tips and advice you become a useful source, and if you stay with it you become 'the expert. Social Media Guru's who claim you can are full of beans.
    twitter followers - 6th Jul 2013
  98. HiI cant understand what changes done google in paid service because nopw google is paid i have seen some account which not attached with any payment detail then also showing on google shopping so please guide me which link is free and which is paid on google shoppingif i have attached my account with payment detail then which link cut my money and which link free for mePlease reply ASAPThanks
    mitul - 3rd Jul 2013
  99. Hey Nazma,I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed your post. Many business owners would hope to just delete the negative comments, in the hopes that they'll just go unnoticed. I totally agree that this should not be the case. Companies should take the time to respond to whatever concerns an unsatisfied client may have. Who knows? A polite yet concise explanation is all that's needed to make these people advocates of your brand.Thanks, Richard
    Richard Eaves - 28th Jun 2013
  100. Thanks for the comments guys, glad you all enjoyed the article.Harry, in terms of measuring success, I guess that depends on the individual brand, and what they want to get out of social media. Some will want hard conversions while some aim to increase their brand awareness. I do think, moving forward, more companies will acknowledge social media as an integral marketing channel, and so will rely on it more for conversions and sales.One thing's for sure, it looks like social media's influence on brand decision-making will only get stronger!
    Hassan Ali - 27th Jun 2013
  101. You've collected together some fantastic examples here.It's really great to see social having such an impact. It's certainly amazing to see how powerful the voice of the public has become online. It's clear that social profiles hold value, but it's gaging exactly how much value these profiles have to brands that seems to be the problem for most brands. Do you measure success in likes and shares, or are these merely vanity metrics, a thinly-veiled front for conversions? Would love to know your thoughts on this.That being said, It's fantastic to see social media having a direct impact on brand decision making, and the if the recent boom in popularity of crowdsourcing wasn't enough to show how social sources can have a positive impact, then Microsoft's Xbox 180 definitely is.
    Harry - 25th Jun 2013
  102. Excellent post Hassan, with some really cool examples! I love a good social media debate maker, the Nutella story especially highlighting an old world approach to branding.If users 'hijack' a brand and promote it, love it and tell the whole world how great it is, why on earth would you want to silence them?!Looks like a case of stuffed suits trying to look like they know what they're doing.I'd not heard the Citroen story before, but it's cool. I'd like to see that happen much more often, for much more stuff. Like the Scottish Parliament building - imagine if the social public had their say before it was made? That building upset (to put it mildly) quite a lot of people.I know at present social media doesn't represent the full spectrum of society, but maybe one day it will - it could be the platform by which everything is debated and decided on - and brands, companies and organisations would do well to recognise the power.
    Ali Moghadam - 25th Jun 2013
  103. Hi Hassan, great post. Some really cool examples.Social media is amazing. The power of the people can be so overwhelming.CheersHalit
    Halit - 25th Jun 2013
  104. A nice find Colin and an interesting campaign. I like the thinking around targeting the misspellings but I'm a little disappointed that the landing page doesn't really do anything other than provide a link to a facebook account.Another embarrassing misspelling issue by a brand happened recently with the new RBS campaign that prompted people in its TV, print and outdoor ads to 'search RBYes' to find out about their mortgages.Unfortunately, Google tried to be helpful and correct what it perceived to be a misspelling and instead of results for 'RBYes' you were presented with...Rabies!You'd have thought someone at RBS or their agency would have checked what actually happened when you typed that word in BEFORE you created a multi-million pound TV campaign.It's all in the details.
    Gary Robinson - 18th Jun 2013
  105. Hi Nazma, Are you using a tool to optimize your customers' data feed for Google Shopping?
    Jacques van der Wilt - 17th Jun 2013
  106. Hi Colin,Nice post. Some good tips there. I feel bad for brands like Xerox hehe.....Thanks,Halit
    Halit - 10th Jun 2013
  107. Hi Nazma,Cheers for posting. I think transparency is crucial in developing trust with your clients and potential clients. Some good advice here.Keep up the great work!Halit
    Halit of OVG - 6th Jun 2013
  108. thank nazma for posting valuable information but but deleting negative comments may spoil our followers numbering
    Digital Marketing Agency - 29th May 2013
  109. Great info on Local SEO!
    Digital Key Design - 27th May 2013
  110. What is even more stunning is that if you check the site now it has over 25,000 G +1s! Go figure - Google really is paying a poor game of weeding out manipulation these days. I don't envy their task but they sure seems to be holes all over the place in what they are doing these days. The unfortunate thing is that this is really killing some valid small businesses.
    Anon - 13th May 2013
  111. my favorite bit of FTW talk is roflysst < bill baileyvideo explaining it here
    Andy Kinsey - Redstar - 1st May 2013
  112. Niche post regarding seo manchester!
    David - 3rd Apr 2013
  113. So informative - I love ROD's blog!
    Georgina Fox - 27th Mar 2013
  114. Although I am not a blogger , I want to see the blogger's benefit, Google has to pay attention on them. According to Google's penguin update many sites were penalized ,Still I do not understand nobody knows from which sites or sources traffic will come to a website!! I think ever link from any site is ok as there is possibility to achieve traffic But Google do not like that , why???Thanks for sharing information, I will share this with my Blogger friend.
    Simon Carver - 27th Mar 2013
  115. Thanks Mark, Ill definitely look that up and see what he has to say. It will be interesting to see how they might resolve the issue, as you are right, it is extremely difficult to tell the difference unless they ask the advertisers themselves.
    Vicky Magrath - 26th Mar 2013
  116. I just watched a video by Matt Cutts on this very topic. He says that they will be cracking down on it very soon. I still don't understand how they can tell an advertising link from a genuine link to an authority site or reference site.
    Mark McKnight - 25th Mar 2013
  117. Hi, Thanks for your share.Setting up ppc campaign is very important.So your shared ideas will help a lot.
    Anirvan Majumdar - 21st Mar 2013
  118. Awesome and great post! I think you got it all covered here. LOL ASL
    WMBA - 13th Mar 2013
  119. Thanks Emma. Glad you found it useful. Hope you have some "Booms" this week.
    Colin Skinner - 13th Mar 2013
  120. Some great info and well written, I best get to work now I know what it all means ;)
    Emma Brierley - 12th Mar 2013
  121. Awesome Blog Post!!!!!Very insightful and offers a fresh prospective in how to succeed after university, though the blog is tailored towards those wanting to further themselves within the digital marketing industry. The principals of gaining valuable experience, keeping up with contemporary research / information and using social media effectively can be applied to all fields.
    T - 3rd Mar 2013
  122. FAIL: Once again Google reminds us that it will punish its search customers with poor results in order to punish a website!A search for interflora now results in me finding vouchercodes! Well done Google!!!! I am looking for a website and you send me somewhere else. Idiots!
    someone - 28th Feb 2013
  123. thanks! :)
    tianahe - 17th Feb 2013
  124. As long as businesses know how to market themselves effectively on social media platforms then there's no stopping them from getting high results! The marketing company I work for, Xcite Digital, are exploring all the different types of social media including newbies like Pinterest and Instagram. However, you need to keep in mind each of the platforms have different purposes and characteristics.
    Nahida Meah - 11th Feb 2013
  125. Thank you very much! We are always updating our blog with ideas and advice, so keep checking back whenever you can :)
    Vicky Magrath - 8th Feb 2013
  126. Great tips - would welcome any further advice you could give.
    The Hungry Manc - 8th Feb 2013
  127. Hi Alex,Some great tips, especially using the 'more reviews' section to find strong citation sources.Nod of the cap.
    David - 30th Jan 2013
  128. Hi David, thanks for the comment.Google did say that they had dropped the support for Geo Sitemaps early last year, and even created a error message once sitemaps had been added in webmaster tools.However, when adding the sitemaps now, error messages no longer appear. Whilst Google hasn't come out saying that they are using them as a ranking factor in local search again, I'd wager that the removal of the error message means that they are looking at them again.
    Alex Duthie - 29th Jan 2013
  129. Didn't Google drop support for Geo Sitemaps a while back?
    David - 29th Jan 2013
  130. Yep, totally agree :) Thank you very much :)
    Stuart Elleray - 22nd Jan 2013
  131. Thanks for your comment Stuart. I honestly think doing internships during/straight after uni is the best preparation for your career, and it shows potential employers that you're willing to learn about the industry.Good luck in your final year, I'm sure your hard graft in London will pay off!
    Hassan Ali - 22nd Jan 2013
  132. Great blog post!I totally agree with the internship experience and would definitely recommend it to anyone. I took a year out between by second and third years from uni last year and did a marketing internship in London. The sole purpose for me doing it was to gain experience as I had never had a job before, so my CV was basically going by my grades, so it was valuable putting that down. My internship was unpaid for four months, but then they began paying me, and was thrilled to stay there for a year (after signing a contract initially for 6 weeks). So it does show that working for free can have its rewards if you work hard.Now I'm back at uni for my final year, but that year working as an intern was the best decision I could've made. I learnt an incredible amount about marketing and the digital industry, and made loads of great contacts which will hopefully help me find a grad job when I leave uni this year. It also made me realise that digital marketing is the area I want to get into for a career, which was very helpful. :)
    Stuart Elleray - 22nd Jan 2013
  133. Good post Justin,I like the sound of search with Facebook. As a marketer I hate the personalised results just because it complicates things for us, but as a user I think it adds real value. Being able to see how many people have checked in there gives a good indication of popularity, as do likes.However, I find it hard to see how it could overtake Google Places as a local search provider for three reasons. (1) At the moment there's no form of structured reviews on Facebook - all that's available are likes and check-ins. Personally I like to read someones review if I'm looking for social corroboration. (2) Google Local and Google Maps works particularly well on Mobile, and it's only one click to get to a map. On facebook it's 2 or 3. (3) Organic search brings together so many different metrics; social, link popularity, on site, reviews, listings, places etc. I believe it gives us a much truer representation of a business that measuring only Fbook metrics - although this wouldn't apply to a lot of people. And lastly, (4) If I want to see how my friends are doing I go to facebook. If I want to search for something, muscle memory means I've typed in before I've thought about what I'm looking for. A different intent takes us to each platform.
    Simon - 22nd Jan 2013
  134. Hi Sidharth,I would definitely recommended that tag on those pages - basically, you could have any number of pages / tags / categories which will continue to increase as you add content to your blog - depending on how these are optimised, you are potentially creating pages of duplicate content so far as title tags are concerned. By adding that tag, the multiple pages will not get indexed, but you will still allow the pages to be crawled so that the individual posts are accessible.
    Dave Ashworth - 21st Jan 2013
  135. Hi Dave,Great article. Cleared a lot of confusion I had, but I have another question:I use Yoast SEO plugin. I figured out a way to get rid of the canonicalized tag completely, but it automatically adds "noindex,follow" to page/2/... page/3/, etc.It also comes with an option to add "noindex,follow" to tag/page/2/... and category/page/2/...Do you recommend this?
    Sidharth - 17th Jan 2013
  136. Most of the businesses today are conceptualizing their strategies for a better content marketing, especially after Panda and Penguin, which is the norm today. Facebook graph is going to take that a step further and a lot more evolution is going to be seen in the coming days in this area.
    Rank Watch - 16th Jan 2013
  137. Thanks for the mention Colin and good to read your predictions as well. We will see how it goes in 2013 for all of us! Cheers
    Pratik Dholakiya - 15th Jan 2013
  138. Hi Jane, I think both reasons for voting contests being unpopular are valid, the more "casual" competition entrants (like myself) see them as "popularity contests" and the more seasoned competition entrants will be all too aware of the unethical lengths some people will go to in order to get votes!
    Nazma Noor - 14th Jan 2013
  139. The reason voting competitions are unpopular with entrants - and with people like me who give advice to competition entrants - is NOT because they are seen as popularity contests. It is because they are a "cheat's charter" wuth widescale use of vote selling sites where for a few US dollars, one can buy thousands of votes, and there are even busineses that will, for a fee, create multiple Facebook accountsfor would-be cheats so they can vote for themselves. The number of recent ASA adjudications against businesses that have run voting competitions and then tried to change the rules when they realised how much large scale cheating was going on should be enough to put anyone off running a promotion that involves any element of voting at all.
    Jane Willis - 14th Jan 2013
  140. Good advice.A marketing firm was recently rapped by the ASA for running a Twitter competition (RT us and you'll win something type competition) with no T's and C's - I wrote a blog post about it here:
    Pritesh Patel - 14th Jan 2013
  141. Very good article Beth!
    Tom Linn - 9th Jan 2013
  142. Good article, I think for those unsociable businesses whose employees are not on social networks for example. The company could use social media as a method of customer service, so for queries and little issues similar to how O2 do it but on a much smaller level.
    Arjun Naik - 3rd Dec 2012
  143. Good to see this post. Disqus created over 99k errors on our website and we've been experiencing the traffic drop, almost in sync with the rise of these errors. We've fixed all the errors by creating 301 redirects to correct URLs, however Google's dropping them only at the rate of 1000/day.
    CrazyEngineers - 2nd Dec 2012
  144. Vote done :)
    Elle Williams - 26th Oct 2012
  145. Hi Dave,Yes – Now Google has given you the ability to check if you have the author tags set upped on your website as to be more visible in searches for your name, and in return Google can give better and more relevant query matches to their users.
    Anton Koekemoer - 26th Sep 2012
  146. Hi Anton,There's not been much on Webmaster Tools relating to this. I am just going to keep marking the 404s as fixed and hope that it's not too long before it's fixed, it shouldn't affect the rankings of any of the other pages on your site though.
    Dave Ashworth - 24th Sep 2012
  147. Hi Augis,Have not seen a decline in traffic - how many 404s are you getting?And have never used Disqus on this blog.
    Dave Ashworth - 24th Sep 2012
  148. I am getting the same issue. And CATASTROPHIC decline in Google traffic. Did you see decline in Google traffic? Why don't you have Disqus here now?
    Augis - 23rd Sep 2012
  149. Hi Dave,Thanks for sharing the update. As I have been using Disqus for a long time on my personal website. I have to have a look for myself (including on Google’s webmastertools – hopefully there is some sort of indication there), hopefully it won’t affect my website too much.
    Anton Koekemoer - 19th Sep 2012
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    Niall Harbison - 14th Aug 2012
  249. google are scum.they just want you to spend more on adwords! i read an article that showed that the average cpc was decreasing now looky here not providing the data! yes i wont be using google analytics ( which is basically spyware or google as a search engine!
    Matt Sharper - 10th Aug 2012
  250. Hi Sally, If you go to all our previous webinars are on there. I hope to see you on the next webinar.
    Hannah Atkinson - 9th Aug 2012
  251. Is there a link to watch this webinar even though the date has passed?
    Sally Trousdale - 9th Aug 2012
  252. I agree Caroline, it's not the end of the world, but it's certainly going to make life harder unless you are willing to immerse yourself a lot more in GA. I imagine there are no such issues with GA Premium, which costs $150,000 a year - I also imagine we'll see more "affordable" options somewhere down the line, where everything will be provided once more.
    Dave Ashworth - 7th Aug 2012
  253. Hypocritical of Google to present keyword data to Adwords users but not make it visible in GA. For companies who are getting critical levels of 'not provided' keywords it could be worth them setting up small paid search campaigns in order to at least keep an eye on conversion rates for KWs. That would give some indication of areas to focus on.Tracking traffic, conversion and revenue by landing page type can also be useful. For example on an e-commerce site you will have category and product level pages. Overall metrics can be measured.Of course in GA you can look at individual landing page stats too.Loss of visibility of KWs makes life more tricky for SEO's but not impossible.
    Caroline Bell - 7th Aug 2012
  254. Great tips! Have been meaning to brush up on my Excel formulas for a while so I will definitely be working these into the mix.
    Liz Madeley - 23rd Jul 2012
  255. Can't make this webinar. Will PPT be available or content available for streaming at later date? Thanks, Joel
    Joel Thigpen - 16th Jul 2012
  256. Thanks Malcolm,I started the article expecting to have to document all the changes you have to make to your listing to fit in with the new look and feel and was pleasantly surprised when more often than not, you had to do nothing!
    Dave Ashworth - 27th Jun 2012
  257. Hi Phil Walsh, Thanks for this great post ! Facebook's new move will definitely create result.They may get inspired by Google's Double Click Exchange re marketing campaigns.Thanks again Regards
    Arpita - 25th Jun 2012
  258. Great idea! How come nobody has commented on this post? Am I the only one who is positive about this unconventional and simple solution? Or am I stupid and overlooking something, or is my poor internet connection here in Thailand not loading everything? Is it the reCaptcha to post this comment? ;)I had one (well, two) ideas. I recommend to give a unusual (weird) name/ ID to the invisible field to make sure it's not filled out by the autocomplete service of some browsers. I don't use it often, but remember in Google Chrome filling the first field with my name and it automatically entered other common fields like last name, email etcetera. Just an idea... And it might be unlikely, but if somebody visits your page and disables the stylesheet, it might be wise to add some note to tell the people not to fill this field.But thanks for this easy and interesting solution. I haven't used it yet, but can't see why it should not work.
    Tony - 21st Jun 2012
  259. Hi Dave, Nice and clear explanation of how Google+ Local is replacing Google Places, been reading a lot and your article wins!
    Malcolm - 13th Jun 2012
  260. Really good resource with the new update. Thank you for making it so clear cut.
    Perth - 9th Jun 2012
  261. Also can use this tag in the head of your website if you are a webmaster to prevent skype from converting phone numbers.
    anton - 5th Jun 2012
  262. Sorry I missed this Hannah, will it be available on a podcast at all?Joanne
    Joanne Hawkins - 30th May 2012
  263. We have created a suite of solutions both free and commercial to allow website owners to gain consent from their users.
    Wolf Software - 25th May 2012
  264. Nicely done. Would be nice to see and updated version every 6 months or so with current data and any new info, tips etc.
    Rob Gemmell - 25th May 2012
  265. Thanks for the comment Charles - couldn't agree more! So much poor content around it's untrue...
    Tim Grimes - 23rd May 2012
  266. When we can see that all the SM elite and twitterers together aren't even the same size as even the bloggers, it puts things into perspective. (the outside part of a circle is so much much bigger than the inner parts if you look properly) If people's SM skills are as poor as their current blogging and copy writing skills, they still won't have any large kind of SEO success. The various tools are all great but using them correctly is where 90% get it wrong. Witness the amount of spammy promotional tweets and other very poor content!
    Charles Clayton - 23rd May 2012
  267. Tim,Nice post, thanks for sharing. I also think that SEM/SMO becomes more and more important from the SEO point of view. Whereas it doesn't have major impact today, it will probably have the one tomorrow.
    Alex from SEO Style - 22nd May 2012
  268. Hi Mike,I see your point with social, it is difficult with some B2B industries but you'd be surprised how specialised some sectors are on Twitter & Linked In. I suppose the main point is that you now need to identify the social influencers within your sector across social platforms and start building relationships.Thanks,Tim
    Tim Grimes - 22nd May 2012
  269. This post was really well done. I like the pink on the site too.
    Jason Diller - 21st May 2012
  270. Yes Tim, it has become quite important to create some awesome and quality content for users. Its the best method of getting quality traffic and backlinks.
    SEO First - 21st May 2012
  271. Hey Tim,My burning question is what if the company you are doing work for, isn't the most social friendly. I see it time and time again and have even had a corporate CEO say to me he doesn't think Social is worth the time for his B2B business. And I have to agree with him. I also have a manufacturer on board and although his stuff is fairly cool, its not going to have a massive social appeal.I just think the social thing doesn't work for every one.
    mike - 21st May 2012
  272. Some good points Tim. SEO has changed a lot with the updates in the past year. I wrote a recent post making the case for why I'd rather have social shares than links -
    Jason Nelson - 21st May 2012
  273. Part 1 of the webinar is available on our Vimeo channel:
    Hannah Atkinson - 11th May 2012
  274. Hi! I see you are advertising your part 2 of this series. I was wondering if you had the recorded version of part 1 which I can watch first? Cheers, Dan
    Daniel Griffin - 11th May 2012
  275. I really enjoyed reading your blog. You have good views, Keep up the good informative info. Thanks a lot for sharing this post.
    web designers - 27th Apr 2012
  276. Thanks Darren, definitely agree with people going on Facebook to be social and not to buy but somehow we still get sucked in by brands. Facebook advertising doesn't work for everyone but gives brands a great opportunity to target demographics rather than interesting to see how brands start using all these new features!
    Tim Grimes - 19th Apr 2012
  277. It's not before time that Facebook gave advertisers and businesses some better tools. A great insight into these new features. One big issue still remains for me and many businesses and that's the point about Facebook users go on Facebook to be social and not to buy and I'm not sure Facebook ads, as targeted as they can be, are the best route to market.
    Darren Bardsley - 19th Apr 2012
  278. My take on this is that the full content around the link is going to be considered. In other words, anchor text will not be considered in a vacuum. It the anchor text somewhat matches the text around the link it will be helpful. The days of simple anchor text backlinks as a "sponsor" to a high PR page or as a blog comment having nothing to do with the anchor are over. Anchor text in a contextual blog post or contextual article are still good.
    Steve - 7th Apr 2012
  279. Thanks for sharing your research Justin. It's welcome news that Google has placed greater effort on serving its clients -- searchers -- thereby penalizing those who are manipulating results for the benefit of their respective clients.Just back from Link Love Boston, which was also heralding social indicators and building influence through quality content.Makes a former journalist like me happy.
    Suzanne McDonald - 5th Apr 2012
  280. Anchor text is dead. End of story.
    Patrok - 3rd Apr 2012
  281. Social Media is definitely an important take-away from the update. The importance of Google + relative to other social networks is also a big talking point - it would be probable that Google are biased in how they rate each social network, and so if this were the case then Google + is a platform that companies need to be involved with.
    SEO Consultancy - 2nd Apr 2012
  282. In regards to exact match anchor text I've noticed that too. A competitor of ours has ZERO links with the keyword we're targeting in it's anchor text. But I've noticed that he has a lot of links with his brand and his domain in them. All of sudden he came out of nowhere to being on the front page.
    Joel Casarez - 29th Mar 2012
  283. Great post/article.Any research/data on that [exact match] being your company name or domain name. As Dewaldt mentions, 40% are brand terms, which in my opinion is a natural link as we have seen through PR initiatives - writers linking to our site with our company name. Do you see that being penalized as "too much of the same anchor text"?
    Todd Bailey - 28th Mar 2012
  284. Really interesting article. I do find it ironic that more of us will be adding junk anchor text such as 'click here' from now on
    Tom Bourlet - 28th Mar 2012
  285. I agree with what has been said about the blog networks had it coming to them for quite some time. The first iterations of Panda hammered a lot of these websites and the subsequent ones have been doing a 'better' (if you can call it that) job of finding them.For anyone who has been hit by Panda then I did an epic blog post which is continually being updated on the topic over on my blog:
    Michael Cropper - 28th Mar 2012
  286. Hi Sebastian. I think a lot of people saw this coming and would agree that it was about time it happened.
    Justin Butcher - 28th Mar 2012
  287. Hi Dewaldt. I agree that this would be a sensible course of action to make the anchor text profile appear as natural as possible.
    Justin Butcher - 28th Mar 2012
  288. From what we have seen, this recent update is definitely more about links than on site factors.
    Justin Butcher - 28th Mar 2012
  289. Wow, nice study and cool data.
    Wandspiegel - 28th Mar 2012
  290. All five of these takeaways have to do with links. Isn't Panda about on-page or on-site factors?
    Wandspiegel - 28th Mar 2012
  291. I believe at least 40% of your anchor text should be your website's name or the company and even click here or
    Dewaldt Huysamen - 28th Mar 2012
  292. The demise of private blog networks has been a long time coming. They worked for a long time but the latest Panda update combined with the link evaluation update seems to point to a reduction in emphasis on exact match anchor text (although this definitely isn't always the case) it does seem to be becoming more and more prevalent.
    Sebastian - 27th Mar 2012
  293. Hi Hannah,Sorry missed your webinar, please let me know about your next regards Jon
    Jonathan Roth - 16th Mar 2012
  294. Hi Su,I will be sure to send you an invitation to the next webinar and also I can sent you over the slides from this one as you are unable to attend.
    Hannah Atkinson - 14th Mar 2012
  295. Hannah, this sounds really interesting but I can't make this Thursday so could you please let me know about the next one? Thanks, Su
    Su Smith - 14th Mar 2012
  296. It will be, we don't want to keep people from their lunch!
    Hannah Atkinson - 9th Mar 2012
  297. Looking forward to a short, sharp, session!
    Rob Young - 9th Mar 2012
  298. Nice overview Tim! I personally find timeline a mess still, both for personal and business use - im not sure where it si going to go from here but there are some nice features like pinning a story and highlighting a story which could be nice. But i like your idea of letting someone advertise on your cover space!
    Andy - 9th Mar 2012
  299. Ok Jules, I will e-mail you the invitation for the next webinar as soon as it has been confirmed.
    Hannah Atkinson - 8th Mar 2012
  300. Hannah, I would love to go on the list for the one next month also please as I also cant make the 15th. Great subject though, Jules
    Per4mance Business Design Ltd - 8th Mar 2012
  301. Tim,Look very interesting, an invite would be great.Cheers,
    Patrick - 7th Mar 2012
  302. There will be a webinar next month, the date is tbc. I will be sure to send you an e-mail regarding any future webinars or free events we are hosting.
    Hannah Atkinson - 7th Mar 2012
  303. Sounds great but I can't make the webinar, are there any further dates planned?
    Fatim Kesvani - 7th Mar 2012
  304. look forward to the webinar
    Catherine Smith - 3rd Mar 2012
  305. Great video. No doubt I will be laying claim to much of the looking back as the people featured within it. And no doubt Pinterest was widely discussed. Interesting times as social media applications seek to target different aspects of the sales funnel.
    Jules - 28th Feb 2012
  306. I'd love an invite please Tim, great blog post by the way.Cheers, Mark
    Mark Oborn - 8th Feb 2012
  307. This is so very cool. Please send me an invite. Thank you so much!
    Diane Kerr - 8th Feb 2012
  308. Could you hook me up with an invite... PLEASE :)
    Nadia - 23rd Jan 2012
  309. Hi Leebert,Am not too concerned about the link juice aspect - have long since stopped obsessing about such things, and if those guys want to keep it for providing a service that Google have not done so yet (i.e. quick and tidy URLs to G+ profiles) then they can have it, no problem with that - I didn't sign up with G+ on the hope I could get followed links from their domain to any of my web properties (fwiw I don't even use gplusto, just threw the blog post out there for anyone who had such a requirement).I never really considered any security aspects - having read that post and the comments from the developer, my mind is at ease now anyway - but does give me something to think about in futurecheers for the post
    Dave Ashworth - 20th Jan 2012
  310. Hi Thom,I know an iPhone app is available, not sure about the other platforms. I've sent you an invite now!Tim
    Tim Grimes - 19th Jan 2012
  311. Does it have an app for smartphones? I still think there is a lot of progress to be made with image sharing and this could be the missing link? I'd love an invite if you're dishing them out :)
    Thom McKiernan (@thommck) - 19th Jan 2012
  312. Hi Tim,Any chance of an invite to Pinterest? Can;t wait to see what all the fuss is about!
    Paul Smith - 18th Jan 2012
  313. see also / food for thought:, I see this guy's selling reputation mgmt .... )"...Vanity URLs aren’t offer by Google since it’ll be much simpler for spammers to find out the Gmail addresses of countless Google+ users online..."
    leebert - 17th Jan 2012
  314. Not to be a downer, but doesn't this increase one's exposure to being tracked by 3rd parties. They're (the proverbial "they") are mining the social graph to the point of 1984. Oh well.... (Orwell....).
    leebert - 17th Jan 2012
  315. The stats are taken from the top 20,000 business pages on Facebook. Interesting point in terms of keywords Josh - we will do some research on this.
    Tim Grimes - 12th Jan 2012
  316. Interesting. Where are the stats above from though in terms of interaction?I thought about something related over Christmas and New Year when so many brand posts were crowded out because of the use of the same keywords. Facebook, by default, would collapse these posts into just one. This poses problems for brands trying to get their seasonal message out; they're lost in a compressed stream of content from competitors and friends.
    Josh - 12th Jan 2012
  317. @Lottafizz - to be fair, in my role, I concentrate solely on Google - I still submit sites to Yahoo and Bing but that's it, but do agree that so long as people search, in whatever capacity, then they will expect search results and we as SEOs will work toward this end. SEO will only die when search dies. Which is unlikely.
    Dave Ashworth - 22nd Dec 2011
  318. That's a great article. It makes interesting reading.I agree wholeheartedly with your points about mobile & local search being the key.From an e-commerce Vs retail shop point-of-view. As an Android user one of my favourite features is the synchronisation of my google account with specific regards to "search" & "maps". What I really love is the ability to transform a product search into an actual physical purchase "in-hand".To elaborate on this point, let's say for example I was out last-minute shopping to buy an Internet Radio but the 'unnamed' catalogue store was out of stock. I could search using the "google search" engine either by taking a photo of the barcode & using the app "goggles", googling for it on my android device(which will display a local search result), or using "google shopper".With the latter, a seeming homogenisation of google applications occurs - Within a few seconds my search result will display a list of stores nearby (based on my approx triangulated position or gps location). It will then list results for stores which a) have placed *free* feeds into "google content", b)"google places", c)"google local", or d)organic SEO optimised "google search" results.I can then select a store listed as having this item available and be navigated to it by the excellent "google navigation" (if you have your phone in your pocket it will even buzz to tell you when to turn the corner as well as provide street-view where available).So the point I am trying to make here is that from a retailer point of view I believe that there will always be a demand for punters wanting to purchase products "in-hand" and therefore with the evolving technology I believe it can revive the fortunes of the high-street if used in the right way.From a customer perspective I am now quickly able to find real-world tangible products at the desired price faster than ever before.From the retail owners view, with mobile search being tipped to rank highly on the agenda - surely this signals an opportunity for retail premises to claw back some of their customers and instil a new-found confidence on the high-street?For me, as an Android user, It is hard to see exactly how google can be unseated as no1 when it holds so many different key aspects and underpins the technology. Google holds the key to all of my personal online life across my pc browsing with chrome, my tablet, my phone and now my TV. I am even looking a chromium laptop as the next laptop to buy. It's this standardisation across devices that I love.Whichever direction consumer search engine favouritism takes, google is anything but unidirectional.Andrew Haslam Cherry Electronics
    cherry electronics - 16th Dec 2011
  319. I totally agree that SEO is changing and as you say traditional linkbuilding is dead. I just can't believe that: a) Leo Laporte would say that Siri will overtake Google - not everyone is obsessed with or can afford Apple b) He focusses completely on Google, there are other search engines out there and if Siri does take over from Google then search engine marketing just needs to changes its focus, people are still searching via an engine so SEO still appliesThe use of gmail, hotmail and ymail is enough that search engines aren't going anywhere any time soon.Great post, thanks.
    Lottafizz - 15th Dec 2011
  320. I can't believe this would increase CTR. I'm advertising in a not-so-competitive niche, so I'm mostly the only ad on the page. Since many users already find what they are looking for in the top results, they don't get to the bottom of the page. This process though, still counts as a pageview, so my CTR is dropping. Which leads to a lower QS and higher bids. I really hope they revert it to the way it was.
    Sam - 30th Nov 2011
  321. Ha ha, mad
    Stewart - 18th Nov 2011
  322. Thanks for this, I have been creating mail campaigns and it has been formatting the phone number so when i send the campaign the phone number appears twice, sometimes more so this was really helpful
    Stephanie - 2nd Nov 2011
  323. Love that Rule 17 uses the wrong your/you’re and is then followed by: Rule 18: “Grammar and typo errors reflect badly when your representing a brand and even yourself”Ah, you've edited it now but not published my original comment.
    Sam - 2nd Nov 2011
  324. Amen. Building on 17 & 19 - If you've got foursquare and twitter linked together, don't check in everywhere you drive past. Seeing 15 continuous updates on 4s and TweetDeck is highly irritating and a little bit stalker'y.
    Seb - 2nd Nov 2011
  325. Thanks for the twips. Something tells me you're not a big fan of Follow Friday! ;-)
    Adrian - 1st Nov 2011
  326. Thanks for this. It makes a good read and I agree with them all, it was actually entertaining.
    Joseph Hall - 1st Nov 2011
  327. Ask for RTs sparingly and never ask for a RT for a pointless reason. I've seen seen tweets like 'I have a bet with my friend, who doesn't like twitter, that if I get over 30 RT's he'll buy me a drink. Please RT!!!'
    Ruth - 1st Nov 2011
  328. I love the visuals used in this blog, very informative. Reading this post has made me aware of the importance of social media and the impact it has made to our society.
    Tyrone Banton - 24th Oct 2011
  329. Hi TimThis is sadly the reply I got any ideas?? when i checked the twitter account it confirmed that it had not been active since 2010, so I'm a bit confused. I want that name!!cbellarun, Oct-05 02:10 pm (PDT): Hello,We can't release the username you mentioned at the moment. We are working to release all inactive usernames, but the reported account does not satisfy the conditions for release. Please keep in mind that not all signs of account activity are publicly visible.Twitter is transferring usernames of accounts that violate our Trademark Policy. For more information about Twitter's Trademark Policy, please see: general, adding numbers, underscores, or abbreviations can help you claim a great available username.Thanks,@cbellarun Twitter Trust and Safetyno_username, Oct-03 07:09 pm (PDT): Full name: Sandeep Bose Username of reported account: @sandeepboseDescription: Sandeep Bose is my name and this account has never been used’.Email address: Twitter username (optional): @rangoligroupAnything else? (optional): n/a
    Sandeep Bose - 6th Oct 2011
  330. I think it is because Burberry are so active on social networks, can see how active they are here:
    Tim Grimes - 5th Oct 2011
  331. Thanks for the post Tim, really cool infographic! It's interesting how UK has two entries from Cadbury in the top 5 brands. And no 1 brand is Burberry very surprising result...
    Juri - 5th Oct 2011
  332. Hopefully they will give it you! It took me two goes though...good luck!
    Tim Grimes - 4th Oct 2011
  333. Thanks so much for your blog, I found Sandeep Bose was the one I wanted and had not been used since 2010. Twitter has responded and with any luck I'll have it a couple of days.
    Sandeep Bose - 4th Oct 2011
  334. Thanks for coming down, I honestly believe the event couldn't have been the success it was without the strong digital community that exists in Manchester. Planning another event for early next year which can only be bigger and better !!!
    Dan - 30th Sep 2011
  335. loved it! So glad the it's getting the publicity it deserved. I hope it's the future for more accessible fashion. Great post.
    lfw junkie - 21st Sep 2011
  336. Hello, Neat post. There's an issue together with your web site in web explorer, could check this? IE still is the market chief and a good component to folks will omit your wonderful writing due to this problem.
    safelist - 8th Sep 2011
  337. Hi Dennis,Thanks for the tip - the original post itself was pretty much a transcription of a talk at SES London.It is s a good starting point though and each point can explored further by anyone looking into CRO on their site.Thanks for the inputDave
    Dave Ashworth - 5th Sep 2011
  338. Dave, good 21 but they need more explanation to be useful for most. For this week find the best CRO page on your site is easy use this 'total visitors of page x bouncerate' the page with the highest number is the page where your CRO changes will have the biggest impact.Good luck!Dennis
    Dennis van der Heijden - 4th Sep 2011
  339. Thanks for the feedback Eric, appreciate it.
    Tim Grimes - 15th Aug 2011
  340. Hi Tim! Nice post, I found some new and useful tips. I just going to improve social media campaign for my company. Thanks!
    Eric Lenhard - 11th Aug 2011
  341. Gosh, I knew that pornography was popular but didn't think it went quite that far. Just goes to show the importance of social media these days from a marketing point. The reach and opportunity is absolutely massive and companies should not ignore it.
    Digital Marketing Agency UK - 5th Aug 2011
  342. Yep, I agree that it is a tough ranking factor to use fairly - and you're spot on re: CSS, I spent years adding in "invalid" code just to get IE and Mozilla to both display min-height correctly, there'd have to be a level playing field across a browsers with regards how they render HTML and CSS.Though with the increase in mobile search, the importance for correctly rendering valid HTML will become important - I just think, why not, if 2 sites have great content, great links etc and are on a level playing field, then why not rank the one with "more valid" HTML higher?But as I said, I've a technical background with years of HTML and CSS under my belt, so I am bias towards that way of thinking.
    Dave Ashworth - 28th Jul 2011
  343. I know it is unwise to question Google, but their measurement of validity seems too tight to me...the 0 seems to house too low a figure.Any web dev knows that a server-side loop can repeat a HTML error, so although it's only done once, it can be flagged 10+ times.As for CSS, forget it. With the syntax of many CSS3 elements still not set, to use them you need vendor prefixes; all of which are flagged as errors (even when validating for CSS3). For example, using just 1 gradient can give you 5 errors.To categorise any site with more than 10 as the worst just seems ludicrous. As the above demonstrates, it doesn't take much for a perfectly well-built site to spiral into 30+ errors. 10 should house the very worst sites, sites that are tearing up the web with 250+ errors...not the siteThe page-speed inclusion was a good move, but for HTML & CSS validation to become a ranking factor would mean that either Google would either have to take a more lenient stance, or just punish everyone. Whilst HTML can always do with a good tidy, the issues with CSS3 essentially means that you'd be punishing people trying to push the industry forward.
    thecodezombie - 19th Jul 2011
  344. thanks for your comments on this...I'm glad you found the post interesting
    Samina Ali - 16th Jun 2011
  345. Hi Samina, I found your post very interesting since I have tried all the tools you have mentioned. Some of them do have good features, others do not provide what you are promised though. That's why I thought you might like to try a new one. It uses facial recognition to compare two people's traits. It is obviously based on the fact that our facial features give a hint to what is inside and through comparing these things tells you how good or long your relationship is likely to be.I use it privately to upload and compare pics of me and guys I like (<:D) or sometimes I play with photos of celebrities, but it also allows you to match with other people on the site who have published a public photo. Anyway, it's cool even tho it didn't give me a good match with Vin Diesel (oh well, it is not meant to be). And it does it immediately so no need to wait for them to contact you or fill in questions etc. Also like I said you have an option to put one private and one public photo so it respects your privacy ;)I have put it in the field 'website' when Im leaving this comment. Otherwise its on Fb and twitter - @Soul2Match
    Vanya Dee - 16th Jun 2011
  346. I agree - the T-Mobile advert was great. All their campaigns have been really memorable recently.Whereas the BT series of adverts I find quite annoying.Cheers, Matt
    Matt Rhys-Davies - 7th May 2011
  347. Nice post Rob. Finally Google's giving us a bit more control over what they were doing already, I'm hoping for increased CTRs.
    Hannah Gibson - 29th Mar 2011
  348. Oi Ashworth!, what's with bolding the text around "over bottom placed"? Is that the bottom placed PushON that you narrowly beat by 1 goal on both occasions?
    Roy Wilding - 25th Mar 2011
  349. Guy - We met at the EBS thank you for your time.Just an hour with you highligted why we had been "Barking our investment up the wrong tree", I will certainly be following your blogg and encouraging all of my aassociates to do the same.Kindest Regards Nasar Hussain Commercial Director Syner-Med Pharmaceuticals Ltd
    Nasar Hussain - 21st Mar 2011
  350. Hi there Robert. I would advise creating 2 seperate Remarketing lists - 1 for site visitors and 1 for site visitors who convert. I would use a custom list that only advertises those that have NOT converted by exclusing the 2nd list. Hope that makes sense. Rob
    Rob Hillyard - 19th Jan 2011
  351. how do you stop serving remarketing ad's to people who visit a 2nd time and convert?
    Robert Austin - 19th Jan 2011
  352. Cheers for that Rhys. Can't believe I missed the Prestatyn keeper's one ;)
    Justin Butcher - 11th Jan 2011
  353. Couple of examples for you from Wales:-- Prestatyn's Keeper (who's name escapes me) got into a bit of a tiff with @ffwtbol after the former used the latter's photo as his twitter picture (I believe @ffwtbol is a professional photographer of some capacity).- One of Wrexham's fringe players who was on loan at Newport said that "He hated the place & wanted out". He got released by Newport. And Wrexham.- Danny Gabbidon is also well known for slagging off Welsh fans due to his retirement from the international game. Was amusing actually. Got blocked by him.
    Rhys - 11th Jan 2011
  354. No Idea first one, tesco, mcvities, Hovis, No Idea, BBC, BP, Body Shop, HMV, & InterfloraAs for the above rebrand I think its a step backwards, most people in our office didn't recognise the logo when shown. If the logo was rolled out across all uses immediately it may be okay but with Starbucks having franchises all over the world, the staggering of the change of ID may cause some brand confusion, "is it a new company or is it starbucks" especially if other local shops have the old design.Also for more fun have you checked out Unevolved Brands: See how many you recognise, will kill a few hours this afternoon,.* 8/10 *
    Stephen Dyson - 6th Jan 2011
  355. Habitat, Tesco, McVities, Hovis, Pizza Express, BBC, BP, The Body Shop, HMV, InterfloraHow'd I do?* 9/10 - Pizza Express was incorrect *
    Tom Mason - 6th Jan 2011
  356. Good blog post Dave! Looking forward to next week!
    Ryan Kent - 24th Nov 2010
  357. Let's not let the fear of cold weather bring us down!!!Good write up, can't wait for next wednesday!
    Tom Procter - 24th Nov 2010
  358. I have recently developed a WordPress plugin that will output all different types of twitter feeds to be output into your WordPress site as HTML. This is done using an RSS reader so that you do not have to be on a whitelist to be able to use it:
    Alex Moss - 22nd Nov 2010
  359. Guys, Seriously poor excuses for mo's so far! I hope there will be improvement! I'll send Attacat's (just me) progress next week Ben
    Ben - 6th Nov 2010
  360. Thanks so much...
    Jaunita Mccastle - 28th Oct 2010
  361. Like the clarity of your examples in descriping each keyword match type.You mention modified broad match, of which I've recently done some research. I found that keywords using modified broad match tended to to have significantly higher CTRs and significantly lower CPCs than those without modified broad match. exact and phrase match arguably still allows greater control over search traffic, the launch of modified broad match is definitely a considerable improvement on the old broad match.
    Melbourne PPC - 20th Oct 2010
  362. I reckon we need a game against KMP. It would be great to go into the tournament with a win under our belts. Our first team is coming back to fitness so hopefuly I wont have to play much.
    Simon Wharton - 30th Sep 2010
  363. I cant wait for this fight, I have got tickets, I think on the social media size of things, Haye wins hands down, as you say the Harrison site is not indexed and even though according to majestic seo Harrisons site is gaining more links monthly the Page rank speaks for its self PR5 To Haye and PR 0 to Harrison.
    Alan - 29th Sep 2010
  364. I agree with Josh, any buzz is positive publicity and it's not illegal to take photos or videos in public place. And what about the Daily Mail, BBC, and other papers that are covering it, are they going to get shirty about that. Pretty sure he doesn't have two people checking Twitter/Facebook constantly.
    CptAmericaMCR - 23rd Sep 2010
  365. If it wasn't for all the twitter hype non of us would have got to meet Bruce Willis.I liked The Rocketeer.
    Discouture - 23rd Sep 2010
  366. I agree! Normally I wouldn't watch a film like this at the cinema but now, after all these social media shenanigans, I will pay £10 to see it.Also, I shot the footage above and if the director wants me to take it down all he has to do is ask.Jumanji was good though.
    Stuart - 23rd Sep 2010
  367. To be honest, there's not a great deal revealed by that footage apart from - there will be a gunfight and an exploding car. You get that sort of tat in early trailers.If anything, the director should be excited that locals are creating positive buzz and excitement about his film, which can only be a good thing in the long run.
    Josh - 23rd Sep 2010
  368. Nice post lads, thanks for the mention.Make sure you stick a match report up.
    Ian James Cox - 9th Sep 2010
  369. Thanks Kev.Any chance of a RT ;>Yes, this code needs to go on all pages with a seperate piece of code going on the thank you page.Alternatively you can choose to use existing AdWords goal conversion tracking (it will give you this as an option during setup).
    Rob Hillyard - 17th Aug 2010
  370. Really useful post Rob.Quick question, for "site visitors" do you add the tag tracking to all landing pages - and then add the conversion tag to only the conversion/thank you page?
    Kevin Gibbons - 16th Aug 2010
  371. Not sure how you mean exactly, when you say "circulating telephone numbers around a group of online friends" - care to expand? If I can find a use for the auto formatting, I'd be surprised.
    Dave Ashworth - 4th Aug 2010
  372. The issue will be less about what Google will allow, more about what litigious brands will choose to do about it. There are still many areas where brand bidding has been allowed by Google, but very few have dared to tread as they know that the brand they are bidding on will start an action. The brand doesnt have to be in the right, it just has to have enough money to be able to out bid you in the legal process. Im told that should you succesfully defend yourself, against such an action, you might get 75% of costs paid. As an action could very easily cost each side £100K, that would still leave you with a £25K bill, despite winning in court. It would have to be a very valuable term for me to want to take that financial risk
    Simon Wharton - 4th Aug 2010
  373. I´ve found Skypes auto formatting incredibly useful at times, especially when circulating telephone numbers around a group of online friends. Thats said, your comments on turning it off are equally useful !! LOL
    Dave B - 30th Jul 2010
  374. The Vuvuzela annoyed me at first, but now I can't notice it. I'd much rather have the drone of the Vuvuzela than drunken, loud chants from the crowd.
    SHINE - 7th Jul 2010
  375. It's a nice feature, but I think whatever Google come up with will be ultimately more successful. I think taking on Google is pointless, it'll be hard to get people to change. I just can't see people "binging" things.
    SHINE - 7th Jul 2010
  376. Brilliant post. I've had clients asking me to target terms such as "escorts", "car parts", "couriers" etc. all convinced that this would generate them business and sometimes it's difficult to convince them that these top tier keywords are very general and although they would bring traffic, it will rarely convert. We're personally targeting keywords for our local areas too as most people find comfort in dealing with a local company, as they know if something goes wrong, you're not too far away.
    SEO Manchester - 4th Jul 2010
  377. Haha, you make you're own luck, by mithering people on Twitter...
    Dave Ashworth - 28th Jun 2010
  378. When Is The Next One Very Interested...Bit of A GEEK on SEO Organic, PPC, Ad Networks, Html, adwords, adsence, content marketing, search marketing,Word Press, Wordpress Plugins, Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing,and Up To Date Info...Check OutStumble-upon/googleking1...Oh And Video Marketing, youtube/ithinQMedia... Social Media Marketing...Twitter/Googleking1...Twitter/ithinQMedia...+ A Few Self Taught 2.5 Years Learning Would Love To Work With "U" "googleking1"
    Brian Collingwood - 28th Jun 2010
  379. Lucky *&^%$£s!
    Hobo - 18th Jun 2010
  380. Well said Guy. My eyes have taken a bashing today with some garish screens. Not sure what Google is hoping to gain doing this
    Frankie O'Brien - 10th Jun 2010
  381. Brilliant tips and although that first example of the keyword stuffed content is truly horrific, its something we as SEO's see all too often! Your example really shows how you can be creative with your keywords without affecting your conversion rate. Thanks
    Google Gurus SEO - 9th Jun 2010
  382. Hi GuyCan't wait to hear all the nuggets you pick up on this trip - See you at the James Caan Entrepreneurs Business Academy in London a couple of weeks.Have a great trip
    steve - 8th Jun 2010
  383. Hi Nigel, this is a great point. However, the issue is not with Facebook, the issue is with the advertiser who set up the adverts. At the moment, the Facebook inventory is cheap so people are buying it left right and centre. Therefore they are choosing to advertise to pretty much anyone and getting their messages way off target. However, if you do it properly you can target really well even down to just 1 or 2 people.Its a bit like saying that Cadbury's gorilla advert was rubbish, so tv advertising is rubbish, when in reality its the message and not the media. (I do agree however that Facebook knows much more about you than your TV set!)
    Guy Levine - 3rd Jun 2010
  384. I remain unconvinced. The three ads I'm seeing on my wall right now are discounts on entry to the hottest clubs, a free mobile and an offer for a commemorative coin featuring Winston Churchill. Facebook knows enough about me from my profile to know that two of those three are miles off the mark and the mobile is, charitably, an example of scatter-gun.
    Nigel Sarbutts - 3rd Jun 2010
  385. Thanks Matt - glad you found it helpful.
    Guy Levine - 3rd Jun 2010
  386. Just came across this via Econsultancy. Some nice little tips in those slides Guy. Thanks.
    Matt Rycroft - 3rd Jun 2010
  387. Glad you found it helpful!
    Guy Levine - 24th May 2010
  388. Thank you, I'm new to SEO and this presentation certainly afirms some facts I have been learning and practising! Thank you.
    Natalie - 22nd May 2010
  389. I have to admit I still use Google for image searches purely out of habit, but this post has opened my eyes a little and maybe when I'm next looking for an image, I'll give Bing a try.Also, I don't know if you've noticed, but the new look Google now has the options on the left hand side for image searches, and looks very similar to Bing. Looks as if Google read your post and took note?
    Google Gurus SEO - 19th May 2010
  390. Hi Ollie,Sadly you are not the only person who encountered this error following on from the blog post.After some experimenting and research, it would seem that whilst this functionality once worked for all accounts, it's now hit and miss - sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.With Facebook seemingly wanting user data to only be accessible within Facebook, they stopped this functionality working for newer accounts, whilst older accounts still work!There is a discussion about it here: you do find an answer, be sure to let me know.
    Dave Ashworth - 6th May 2010
  391. I tried this and twitterfeed doesn't recognise the feed name: "We couldn't parse this feed, please check URL and/or feed content are valid"It works if I leave it as notifications.phpany ideas?
    Ollie - 6th May 2010
  392. Do the quiz also on change is good we all know but I just don't agree with everyone policies! A coalition has worked well in other EU states but I dont see it working here. I'm still on the fence and will take my decision thoroughly and mindful that the next 5 years are crucial to our economy and it's growth.
    Skott - 6th May 2010
  393. Couldnt agree more, One thing i am a pushing the boundarys on is the Video aspect of my sites. whether i am targeting private individuals or corporates, they all seem to comment on the video! i know its been around for years but not a lot of people are doing it. You can use it for the first 12 of the options above if not more (thats as far as i have got) and it really works.
    Skott Bentley - 21st Apr 2010
  394. Hi Ned,I don’t mind.To get this data, if you haven’t done so already set your site up within Google Webmaster Tools and from the main dashboard for the site you want to view, select “more” under the Top Search Queries section.
    Dave Ashworth - 20th Apr 2010
  395. Dave, thanks for a very interesting post. How do you create the report for 'Position in search results' vs impressions and CTR? Hope you don't mind me asking! Thanks Ned
    Ned Wells - 16th Apr 2010
  396. Viral advertising and marketing is named right after the virus. The advertising and marketing information is setup to journey expotentially as being a virus. 1 human being tells five who notify a different five who notify yet another five and so on. The very first flourishing virus advertising campaign is generally quoted as hotmail – who set a hyperlink for no cost inbox on the bottom of every single e mail. This was when electronic mail was tough to receive. These days emails can vacation all-around the globe in minutes as some hapless individuals have found!. Today yourtube and myspace do the job within the viral principle.
    azhar - 13th Apr 2010
  397. Great explanation of a tried and tested method within our business. The autoresponder, one of the cheapest and best tools on the market creates this for us and i urge everyone to get one! whist watching the grand prix at the weekend a prospect mailed me their job details after receiving the 9th email on autoresponder!!! persistance pays while understanding your perfect explanation.
    Skott Bentley - 6th Apr 2010
  398. No idea, they were sent to me on email, sadly they are not my own work.
    admin - 11th Mar 2010
  399. Who is the photographer?! These are amazing!
    MrEggMan - 5th Mar 2010
  400. Nice work dave!
    Guy - 3rd Mar 2010
  401. Good tip Alex, thanks for that, will come in handy.
    Dave Ashworth - 19th Feb 2010
  402. another useful one is to hide the title and rating of the embedded video by inserting &showinfo=0
    alexmossSEO - 15th Feb 2010
  403. Great Video, thanks a lot. Will bookmark this Blog.
    Thomas - 14th Feb 2010
  404. Choose your country from the drop down on this page: it’s currently doing the rounds at:Bracknell Forest, Buckinghamshire, Bury, Calderdale, Gloucestershire, Hertfordshire, Kirklees, Leeds, London, Oldham, Rochdale, Salford, Slough, Surrey, Warrington, West Sussex, Windsor and Maidenhead, Worcestershire.So plenty round Manchester there, now we've just got to come up with an idea to rival the Norwegian scuba divers...
    Dave Ashworth - 12th Feb 2010
  405. Where can we find out when the StreetView car is passing in your own neighbourhood?
    alexmossSEO - 11th Feb 2010
  406. I think they should have developed this a bit more, maybe providing information of the target URL of the redirect itself. Twitter APIs can do it, why can't Google?
    Alex Moss - 29th Jan 2010
  407. I couldn't get mine to work! Outlook kept presenting it as a static image of a really tiny size and if I tried to make it bigger the image would distort... Sigh!
    Tamara-VA - 18th Nov 2009
  408. Guy is absolutely right here. It is that relevant 1% that makes all the difference out there.And it is indeed the relationship-building element of the social media what makes it invaluable for businesses and organizations of all guises.
    Oscar Del Santo - 1st Nov 2009
  409. [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Judith Morgan, guylevine. guylevine said: Social Media - Its all about the people! [...]
    Tweets that mention SEO Blog | Social Media – Its all about the people! -- - 28th Oct 2009
  410. The Nike+ / Apple site is one of my favourites, even though I'm not seeing any great improvement in my running, though I doubt that is any fault of the site... :-)
    Phil Morgan - 27th Oct 2009
  411. [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Brian Inkster, guylevine. guylevine said: Is Social Media Marketing suitable for business? [...]
    Tweets that mention SEO Blog | Is Social Media Marketing suitable for business? -- - 27th Oct 2009
  412. Yep, agree totally! It looks to me like there could be a great strap line in there somewhere...
    Mark Oborn - 24th Oct 2009
  413. Great Point - I think you will agree with this bit!Pay a graphic designer who knows how to make people want to use your business.Pay a copywriter who knows how to write copy to make people want to use your businessPay a Digital Marketing company who knows how to generate email and phone calls from people who want to use your businessMake a profit!
    Guy Levine - 23rd Oct 2009
  414. Hey Guy,Great post, and you are right, branding is something that is very overlooked by dental practices.Establishing a recognised brand is very important, but my issue is that most practices miss the point about what a brand is.They seem to think something is 'on brand' if the colours, font and images are all uniform. They think that branding is about fancy looking websites with fancy graphics and animated logos. This is not branding this is graphic design.Branding is about establishing brand values, having a brand vision for the future and having a strong 'brand essence' - this is deep stuff and should only be approached by some-one that has detailed knowledge of branding (which I don't, but I did spend 6 months studying branding during my MBA.)I believe that branding/graphic design alone is not enough to make a website work for a first time visitor that does not know the brand yet. If it were possible for a dental practice to communicate it's brand values, vision and essence to the world in a way that would make it instantly recognisable to every one that visits the site, then branding alone would make that website work... but I don't see many practices with the budget to make that work!So in order to get a website working I believe that all the interesting design work with fancy graphics should stay, BUT not at the expense of well written website copy.Great copy and strong branding are not a dichotomy and can co-exist and work together, but without the copy I think that on the most part the branding/graphic design is wasted.Thanks for the mention...Mark
    Mark Oborn - 23rd Oct 2009
  415. [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by guylevine and Blackwave Marketing, Viv Slack. Viv Slack said: RT @guylevine: Science of SEO [...]
    Tweets that mention SEO Blog | Science of SEO -- - 22nd Oct 2009
  416. Go Back? We never left! ;-)
    Sarah Arrow - 22nd Oct 2009
  417. Thanks for the comment Sarah - as you say we believed it would affect parcels too! Seems like we can go back to Amazon!
    Guy Levine - 22nd Oct 2009
  418. Hi Guy It's a very common misconception that the Royal Mail strike means that businesses have no options when it comes to parcel deliveries.The Royal Mail strike only affects letters.Packages and parcels can still go via parcel force, business post, DHL or what ever parcel provider the business chooses.Royal Mail prices are heavily subsidised, customers pay because of their volume and not the weight or distance travelled like many modern commercial operations. This means they make money because they have a huge amount of letters going through their systems. The packages go via Parcel Force.Small businesses like the ones you mention would send by the cheapest method possible, so the chances are they already using a different courier. It would be cheaper to send a neatly packaged jacket via Parcel2Go than Royal Mail and many retailers know this.
    Sarah ArrowS - 21st Oct 2009
  419. [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by guylevine, markoborn. markoborn said: RT @guylevine: Post Strikes Hit eCommerce In A Big Way - Great Advice! [...]
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  420. [...] my recent article regarding the use of keywords within your SEO strategy, Yahoo followed Google’s example in [...]
    seo-blog-traffic-tips - 20th Oct 2009
  421. Small business start ups such as Ollie and Darsh, who I would like to say are innovative businesses leaders - together with marketing guru's such as yourself Guy have quickly recognized the utility of social media (Face book-Blogs-You Tube etc..) as a powerful marketing tool to attract new clients and help build a positive brand image.It has transformed the way we communicate, there is much more interaction between the creator and the recipient. Its fast, its easy and it positions our companies as cutting edge."
    Suzy Gorman - 19th Oct 2009
  422. We use Twitter and Facebook in business everyday, the people and opportunities that have come to us by using Social media has been quite simply amazing! p.s we dont poke anyone! Kelly Dental Angels
    kellyhaggett - 16th Oct 2009
  423. Glad you enjoyed the day Guy and thanks for the great review. It's worth noting that we do run an advanced course as well, which you might find useful.More information on both is available at
    Econviv - 16th Oct 2009
  424. Nick, I think that is a good point. I also think that sometimes and especially in this economy that CPA's and expectations need to be reassessed. Even though some places are more profitable than others to 'advertise', with life time value of a client, it can be worth accepting higher CPA's to increase market share.
    Guy Levine - 14th Oct 2009
  425. With everything in mind people's behavior online is definitely grown much more difficult to track. Trends and behaviors are for the most part out the window due to the sluggish economy so in today's market place you must really be visible everyone you can online.
    Nick @ Brick Marketing - 14th Oct 2009
  426. [...] recently wrote an article about optimising images with Bing’s image search in mind and whilst I would still always use Google out of habit, there is definitely a need to ensure your [...]
    seo-blog-traffic-tips - 14th Oct 2009
  427. [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by savvymarketers and Blackwave Marketing. Blackwave Marketing said: Google vs Bing – is it time to give the underdog a chance? [...]
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  429. [...] my blog post a month or so ago on the H G Wells inspired Google logos, I’ve noticed they seem to have gone on a doodle frenzy with a number of recent [...]
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  430. [...] is the original: Adwords mistake exposes new Macbook – Yeh Right, the start of a … Share and [...]
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  434. To Mark's point, yes, optimizing for a market segment is just good sense. On the other hand, actually using the competitor's trademarked keywords is bad practice and can backfire quite easily.I talk about using competitor names in keywords here and the main point is that in order to make any significant impact, their keywords would have to rival the density on their own site—which has the major downside of taking away from your own brand. After all, any publicity is good publicity, right?What if you looked at context? What if it was a comparison of your product and the competitor? That would serve the purpose of filling the page with primo keywords while telling the story you want customers to see. Would that still be considered shady?
    Billy Schuttler - 2nd Oct 2009
  435. They really are two different beasts that react differently. SEO is not just about ranking well but proactively marketing yourself online in order to become visible. If your PPC budget runs out and your ads come down where will your business be if no SEO has been done?
    Nick Stamoulis - 2nd Oct 2009
  436. I think the whole debate misses the point. Getting eyeballs (SEO or PPC) is just a small part of the new customer acquisition process. Companies go through a buying cycle -- and having the right content and the right approach can move them through the buying cycle.Personally, I believe businesses ought to back up and look at the entire process for engaging and winning business.Looking at SEO and PPC is like planning a trip across the country by planning where we'll eat breakfast. You need to eat, but.....
    Jeff Ogden - 2nd Oct 2009
  437. Guy,wow, taking on bit of a hot topic here!As far as PPC campaigns go, yes I have done this in the past and it has generated traffic and income. If those competitors asked me stop, would I? Yes I would, especially as dentistry is a small industry.What about SEO, well, no I wouldn't optimise for a competitor, it seems to me this is going too far. Also if there was a complaint it would be difficult to get the results out of the caches fast enough to prevent a law suit, where as PPC campaigns can be stopped instantly.On a similar point though I would optimise a site for a competitor segment i.e. another geographical location or market segment.For example lets say I ran a business that operated solely in the high quality, low volume, high cost sector of an industry, I could develop a website for that company optimised for their industry sector... but I would also consider developing another website and optimise for cheap, low cost, high volume work.. on that website one could say "did you know that using low cost is not as good in the long run etc etc" and then point them to my alternate business.That is an extreme example and boundaries between sectors are not always that clear, but the principle of optimising for competition is an interesting area with plenty of room for discussion.Thanks for starting the debate.mark
    Mark Oborn - 2nd Oct 2009
  438. Many congratulations on your success.I believe it is a great example of how SEO and SEM can work together in partnership to fantastic results.
    Oscar Del Santo - 2nd Oct 2009
  439. best post yet keep it up phil
    Garry Hudson - 29th Sep 2009
  440. I fully agree with guy and his line of thinking.Some of the most successful projects I have been involved with have been those where SEO and PPC were working in perfect synch.
    Oscar Del Santo - 26th Sep 2009
  441. Off course there is off-line, but to keep in the subject: There is the mention of the guy with too much money and over bids clicks and your costs went up. Heck a guy can open 13 sites and 13 adword accounts and own the front page if he wants to pay for it. Relying on SEO isn't any better that I see. A Google employee that wakes up on the wrong side of bed and de-indexes a couple of sites is as likely. The Google dance and algorithms that change how often? (This past February they changed it 7 times, that is every 4 days!)I have always thought, design for people 1st. (That sort of backs the PPC model) and machines 2nd, but when you start looking at it, SEO and PPC with high converting pages are not that different. what you do for one is 90% of what you would do for the other. And as long as putting a $1 in and you get $3 out, no one but an idiot would turn that off. Even if they are getting $3 free as well. (5 is bigger than 3, last I heard) And one approach doesn't preclude the other. Having your site in the top 5 organic sites AND on the front page at the best converting position seems to be what you really want. Is there really a disagreement about that? ;)
    Mark E Thurston - 26th Sep 2009
  442. [...] Read more here: SEO v. PPC Again…. Experts Trade Punches In TweetFight | SEO Blog … [...]
    SEO v. PPC Again…. Experts Trade Punches In TweetFight | SEO Blog … | Toronto SEO | SEM | PPC Tips & Internet Advertising - 25th Sep 2009
  443. PPC and SEO target different kinds of searchers. It is hard to get the attention of an information seeker with a PPC ad, here SEO rules.On the other hand if a searcher is actively searching for a deal on a specific product, she might respond to an offer of "Free shipping, order before Sept. 31." These kinds of offers are impossbible to consistently manage with SEO.Bottom line: If your SEM-consultant claims that SEO is better than PPC, or PPC better than SEO: Fire them!
    Ludvik - 25th Sep 2009
  444. Good points Guy. But whether an organisation uses PPC and/or SEO effectively is still only part of the equation. The biggest, most successful and most profitable web companies have spent most of their marketing budget in OFFLINE promotional activities, not PPC and/or SEO. Don't get me wrong, both PPC and SEO clearly have a place, but the focus - as you rightly say - should be on ROI. People often compare the ROI of PPC vs SEO but then don't make the comparison between these elements of marketing AND offline methods. In other words you might spend £100 online to get £300, but you might have been able to get £500 if the £100 had been spent offline instead.The problem with offline is that it is much slower to produce those results than, say, PPC alone.Essentially, it's about the mix of marketing activities and too many people believe it's either PPC or SEO or something else. In reality it's about using a range of online and offline marketing methods that (via testing) produce the greatest ROI for each individual business and/or sector.And there's one other problem - if a company puts all their money and expertise into SEO/PPC how will they promote their business and make money when search as we know it dies (which it will...!)?
    Graham Jones - 25th Sep 2009
  445. :-D I have a few people who should see this.
    Dejanseo - 25th Sep 2009
  446. Thanks. this was funny. I probably have 10 online friends that would lone me a five
    Lisa - 24th Sep 2009
  447. True, there is nothing wrong with a little vanity every now and then, but one must not lose perspective of the reasons why one is in Twitter in the first place.It is often the case that quality is better than quantity, particularly for those who are in Twitter for strategic reasons.
    Oscar Del Santo - 24th Sep 2009
  448. [...] is suing someone else for using their trademark within their keywords tag – presumably with keyword usage causing a stir within the PPC world a number of ill informed legal types are jumping on the bandwagon and trying to sue for [...]
    seo-blog-traffic-tips - 22nd Sep 2009
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  450. [...] response to our post this week about viral video – thanks Phil, we have found a good example which makes us [...]
    seo-blog-traffic-tips - 18th Sep 2009
  451. seo5678 - it was more of a compare and contrast than proposal that it be used, though I do believe it to be better for the reasons stated above.As for Ronaldo, the comment was a throw away one but Google actually delivers the same result: being, the image is named: for our logo, well it was optimised when the new site was recently launched so guess it's just a matter of time till it appears, fingers crossed.
    admin - 9th Sep 2009
  452. It's interesting to note that you propose we should all used bing's search facility rather than Google's despite the fact that it produces dodgy results such as ronaldo appearing in a search for bolton wanderers neither can i find your company logo in a search on either bing or google image for that matter - maybe you should take your own advise - please read above!
    seo5678 - 9th Sep 2009
  453. Excellent tipsMy extra suggestions would be1 Use word press to create your site form scratch instead of having a site with an add on blog. 2 If targeting the Uk market try and get the domain name with the keyword in like Guy suggests. 3 If it's a new site you can get backlinks from high page rank sites like ecademy, bbc, linkedin etc make sure you use anchor text for your keyword.Gavin Allinson
    Outsource Success - 26th May 2009
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  455. [...] [...]
    Four themes from SMX London | Distilled blog - 22nd May 2009
  456. [...] you’re looking for inspiration in finding new PPC titles and descriptions, Guy Levine suggests visiting the local bookstore and looking at how the magazine headlines are crafted to make [...]
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  457. In summary, successful PR and SEO campaigns both improve the public’s perception of a company and increase its search engine generated traffic. Companies should use an integrated approach, rather than treating SEO and PR as entirely separate efforts.
    steaven - 15th May 2009
  458. [...] Levine from Web Marketing Advisor also has a SMX London Presentation Teaser, for his Writing killer search ads & Landing pages session. He will be covering three [...]
    Previewing SMX London: The Speakers Speak! - 7th May 2009
  459. You write very well.
    Lecea - 27th Oct 2008
  460. hi, andar here, i just read your post. i like very much. agree to you, sir.
    andar909 - 11th Aug 2008
  461. Thank you for introduce Dental SEO service.
    Dentistry Website Marketing - 6th Aug 2008
  462. Today's Search Engines are different from before, SEO's trying out new, effective, ethical, and less cost strategies to gain more traffic and profit. As what I've read in other post, using Obama as their strategy.
    Link Building Staff - 23rd Jul 2008
  463. Your conclusion is spot-on. You need quality content and the means to ensure that any re-use of your content will link back to you.If you have any clients who are in this situation, we're beta-testing a new link identification service - it's free and in use by a few large publishers already (Reuters and Conde Net).I'm looking to get some input from SEOs if you are interested.
    Rich Pearson - 19th Jul 2008
  464. Regular fresh content mixed with an ongoing link building campaign is the best way forward. Page rank does play an important role as an indicator-but not the be all and end all.Content is indeed king as a recent survey carried out showed that 80% of search were for informational purposes, 10% actually typed in a domain name and the final 10% were for transactional(on line shopping)
    Business Website Builders - 18th Jul 2008
  465. Great post, I see you're taken the time to actually think this thing through and I agree with your conclusion that content is the new king. And about PageRank I've experienced the same thing - I got a few sites with relatively low PR but are going well in the SERPs which again shows that PR is not all it use to be.
    SEO Pittsburgh - 18th Jul 2008
  466. If like me you missed the webinar it can still be viewed by logging in with the details you registered with.
    tim - 14th Jul 2008

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