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New Facebook Features – Places & Photos

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We noticed today in the office that Facebook check-ins and pictures have changed. There has been several reports about Facebook Places changing or possibly removed, however it was stated that it was more of a change than a cancellation. Facebook originally introduced Facebook Places to combat the likes of Foursquare. A year later after it was introduced Facebook has grown into a neighbourhood of 700 million users, but hardly anybody used Places apart from Facebook employees. So according to the Facebook blog, it has cancelled the Places option and moved towards a similar Twitter experience.

This allows users to tag their status updates with a location, instead of doing a separate check-in action. Additionally, you will now be able to append your location to a status update no matter what device you are using. Another change that we noticed today is the picture’s; it has now changed from a black background to a white. You will also now notice ‘buttons’ rather than links for like, comments and tagging. The new and old version can be seen below:

Lets us know what your thoughts about these changes. Oh and if your wondering about the cake, I didn’t make it – it was a friend, I’m not great in the kitchen!

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