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Top Tips for successful PR Outreach in 2018

Becky Ryder

Posted in Return


In the modern digital age of saturated marketing messages, getting press communication right is more important than ever.

Personalisation, getting right to the point and homing in on your targets’ interests is key to ensuring your editorial gets the coverage it deserves.

The first golden rule, is to never, ever pay for links. Buying links will hurt you in the long run; Google was smart enough to identify and penalise this sort of activity in 2012, so the chances of you getting away with it (let alone benefiting from it), in 2018 are extremely limited.

In Return’s latest whitepaper, we share all of our top tips for ensuring PR Outreach success, from pitching to prospects, quality checking, obtaining data, tracking email performance and much more!

Our Step-by-step Guide to Press Outreach is free to download – get your copy here today!  

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