Case Study - Growing A New Brand: Joanie Clothing

With the help of Return’s Paid Search strategy, Joanie Clothing – a women’s clothing and accessories retailer – has grown from a start-up without a website to a well-known brand with coverage from the likes of Glamour Magazine MTV and the Stylist, and with support from celebrities like Zoella.


  • Make a stamp on the market with a new brand
  • Reach out and promote Joanie to the right audience
  • Build on brand awareness
  • All whilst making a strong return

Return’s expertise in growing businesses online has been crucial to this success. We used our knowledge of forecasting to put together an entire marketing plan that focuses on building exposure and generating revenue. As Joanie have grown, we have also been able to capitalise on their celebrity support to build trust in the brand and encourage click-through.


  • Unknown new brand
  • No website! Just a holding page
  • Identifying Joanie’s target audience

Joanie specialise in vintage-style women’s clothing, so the early part of our paid search strategy concentrated on targeting vintage-related generic terms. This allowed us to compete with similar brands, introduce Joanie to their core audience, and identify what these key customers were searching for. We were then able to maximise RLSA audience lists and retarget these searchers through remarketing and dynamic remarketing. This way key to understanding Joanie’s audience and what they search for online.

We had input in the key process of building Joanie’s Google Shopping feed, ensuring we had all the possible attributes to ensure the feed was of top quality. This was essential to make sure we made a stamp on the results page for this new business. The attributes added included those specific and essential to Joanie’s desired audience.

After the initial launch of Google Shopping, we were able to look at converting terms and use them to build out the Search campaigns. This enabled us to increase Joanie’s visibility in SERPs.

Another key element of the campaign has been our ability to leverage celebrity support for Joanie to build trust, encourage click-through and drive conversions. We were able to reference Joanie’s coverage from the likes of Zoella and Lorraine Kelly in our ad copy and creative, as well as through review extensions and sitelinks.


Our PPC activity has had a huge impact on Joanie’s launch.

  • Overall Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) of over 1,000%
  • Non-brand ROAD over 430%

Thanks to the confidence they have in our methods following their success in the UK, Joanie are now beginning a phased launch in the US market – less than a year after the launch of their first website. The consistent success of our PPC activity has encouraged Joanie to regularly unlock additional budget, which has been reinvested in the brand’s online growth.