Facebook Tracking Just Got Easier

May was the month where advertisers took a collective sigh of relief, as we saw Facebook update advertisers with it’s new ‘Event Setup Tool’ (EST)…

Why Is It Important?

This tool is designed specifically to aid advertisers with their tracking issues and provide an all-encompassing solution for enabling tracking without needing access to a sites back-end or third-party tag solutions.

As advertisers, we know the pains of tracking all too well, from the endless liaising with massively busy development teams to the tiresome adapting of product fees to match pixel data points. However, using Facebook’s EST we are able to navigate through a site and select events in real-time, not only cutting down implementation time but also increasing the viability for tracking more events seamlessly.


In order to be eligible for the tool, you’ll need to activate the two points below:

  • Install the Facebook base PageView pixel across every page on your site, ideally hardcoded so the pixel can pick up various parameters such as checkout values, product SKUs and quantity.
  • Once installed, you’ll need to head to events manager and select the ‘Track Events Automatically Without Code’ as this will give you an extra level of sophistication for the events.



Then, you’re all set! Simply click the ‘Go To Event Setup Tool’ and navigate through your site. 

As you navigate through the setup box will appear on the top left of the screen:



You have the option to track buttons or URLs, based on the action of the event. The tool will also auto-populate events for you to review, taking further legwork out of the task:



Purchase tracking has also been considered, using the tool we are able to assign actions based on a button click i.e. place order. However, not only are we able to track the purchase itself but we have the functionality to pull in the value of the purchase, allowing marketers to measure ROI, Revenue, CPA etc.

Simply instruct the tool where to pull value information from:



Currently, we are still waiting for Facebook to update it’s EST to pull in product SKU data, however, Marcos Oyarzabal Facebook’s Reginal Product Marketing Manager – EMEA stated in Facebook’s Agency Partner Event (06/06/2019) that this capability will be available over the coming weeks, to help marketers with their DPA campaigns.


What’s next?

Now nothing can stand in your way! Try the tool out for yourself and let us know how you find it? Does it help? What’s missing? 

If you’re still struggling with your paid social marketing, we’ve been growing businesses for over 10 years with a team of award-winning experts that are ready to help align your marketing activity with your business objectives. Click here to find out more!

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