Google Ads Moves Away From Accelerated Delivery

Google has now started to switch the campaigns of advertisers over to standard delivery after it’s decision to discontinue accelerated delivery.

Starting on 7th October, Search and Shopping campaigns still using an accelerated delivery method will be automatically migrated onto the standard delivery. Google has been encouraging advertisers not to use accelerated delivery for a while. But they’ve now decided to force the issue and will be discontinuing the option altogether in the coming weeks.

Accelerated delivery takes your daily budget for your campaign, and looks to spend it as quickly as possible. This means your ads could stop appearing on the search results page way before the end of the day if you set a low enough daily budget.

Standard delivery, however, aims to take your daily budget and spend it efficiently across the course of the day, meaning your ads don’t shut off mid-afternoon. This, alongside the utilisation of ad scheduling, allows advertisers to have more control of when ads are shown, as well as being able to increase or decrease bids during specific times of the day.

Google’s motive for the move is no doubt to encourage the adoption of automated bidding strategies within the campaigns of advertisers. Google has been recommending switching to a ‘Maximise Clicks’ or ‘Maximise Conversions’ bid strategy for advertisers who have previously used accelerated delivery, both of which will optimise your ad delivery towards better performing periods during the day, theoretically improving your account’s performance.

If you would like to learn more about how this update can increase the efficiency of your Paid Search campaigns then organise a call today.

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