The Why, What and How of Advertising on YouTube

YouTube has become so much more than a place to watch funny cat videos. Now, as well as being a recreational video sharing site, YouTube is a powerful tool when it comes to building brand awareness and increasing lead generation.

So it’s fair to say that almost every digital marketing strategy can benefit from having a YouTube element. It’s estimated that by 2021, 80% of the world’s internet traffic will be video, so marketers really can’t afford to miss out.

Benefits of YouTube advertising

More and more brands are using YouTube to boost audience reach and engagement; the site gets more than 1 billion unique visits a month, so it makes sense that by advertising on YouTube, you’re going to reach a massive percentage of the world’s population.

Another major benefit of YouTube advertising is that it’s affordable, as it uses a flexible pay-per-view system whereby you can set weekly budgets and control the maximum you want to spend per view.

YouTube also allows you to connect with your audience through comments; when a user comments on your video, you’re automatically given direct insight from your audience about how your content is performing. By responding to comments, you can also increase the level of engagement you have with your audience.

Creating a YouTube strategy

A solid strategy is the difference between a stellar success and a complete flop when it comes to your YouTube marketing campaign. You could be producing the most amazing video content ever to hit our phone, tablet and computer screens, but if your strategy is lacking, you won’t get great results.

The steps to a great YouTube strategy are as follows:

  • Create valuable video content that your target audience will enjoy
  • Make sure you’re targeting the right audience
  • Choose the ad format and video length that will work best for both your brand and the people you intend to watch the content

In our latest whitepaper, we go into detail about the how, why and what of YouTube advertising to make sure you create a fool-proof strategy that drives award-winning results. After all, we know what we’re talking about – check out what we did to increase sales for Robinson’s Brewery!

Our whitepaper – Everything You Need to Know About YouTube Advertising, and Why You Need it in Your Marketing Strategy – is available to download. Get your FREE copy here today!

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