Travel and Leisure Brands Need These Summer AdWords Tips

RIP to the British Summer.


It lasted about, say, six days? But there’s nothing people love more than a good holiday, or a little getaway, especially around this time of year. June is the month where people think about squeezing in a mid-year break, so this is the perfect time for holiday-related businesses to give their AdWords campaigns that extra push.


Summer PPC and AdWords tips for travel and leisure brands


This doesn’t just mean travel agents; think about the new holiday clothes people want to buy, the sun cream and beauty essentials for that beach babe look, and also affordable luggage that looks the part.


Actually, in July (just around the corner), baggage trends hit their peak – so you need to be there now.


Travel and leisure PPC and AdWords tips for Summer


There are so many industries that cater for Summer holiday needs, and there is ROI to be had, but it’s often missed as businesses can easily forget about how much their products are in demand – or at least, fail to promote them in the most effective ways.


So, you need to:

  1. Make sure your PPC budget is uncapped
  2. Have a healthy, optimised Google Shopping feed (have you checked all your GTINs?)
  3. Write enticing, relevant ad copy to get those sun seekers on to your website

(Hey, we can help you with this! After all, we are the North’s Best SEO & PPC Agency, as confirmed by Prolific North).


Remarketing lists for search ads are a huge AdWords development, and this is the perfect example of when they can bring you that much-desired return. With the right list and bidding strategy, it ensures your ads feature in prominent positions when users are still browsing for products – even after they’ve been on your website.


PPC and AdWords: Summer tips for travel and leisure brands


According to Google, a significant 30% of affluent travellers book their last-minute holidays on a mobile device, so you need to make sure your bidding strategy is bang on the money. Also, make sure budget is available so you’re featuring as often as possible, otherwise you could miss out on that last-minute sale – people will book at any time of the day, especially if it’s the last minute.


But you shouldn’t just be considering travel-related purchasing. Music festivals also reach search highs in June: searches in Summer 2014 increased by over 7.5% year on year.


After you’ve optimised and set up your campaigns so they are ready to smash it for summer, there’s only one thing left to do; book yourself a little getaway 😉

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