Bringing your paid social campaign to life

Today, 75% of internet users have active social networking accounts, with 12 new mobile users visiting social platforms every second. With social media performing such a key role in our online activity, it has become a vital arena for successful internet marketing, particularly in the ever-changing world of fast fashion.

As your brand stays on top of the latest trends, so must your paid social campaigns. It’s easy to miss something during the planning stage that can undo your hard work further down the line and fracture the results you were hoping for.

So how do you make sure your plan follows all the important pathways to a successful campaign?

We’ve put together a Fast Marketing Directors Checklist to make sure you never miss a trick when it comes to smashing your social marketing campaigns.

Our checklist provides insights into:

  • Audience behaviour patterns and the relatability of your creatives across each demographic
  • Segmenting website traffic and how to be smart with re-marketing
  • Cost Per Click for new audience ads
  • The risk of wastage when running multiple campaigns at once
  • Creating a user journey

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