Are you missing untapped potential?

Social media has become a core part of online activity, with 75% of internet users having active accounts. In fact, 1 million new active mobile users visit social platforms every day – that’s 12 each second.

So how does this affect how we purchase products, I hear you ask?

Well, 35% of daily Facebook users have bought on mobile, with an average order value of £55 for a single item.

In an age when organic posts to your social media accounts are only viewed by around 10% of your audience, you need to pay to play in order to capitalise on the social commerce revolution.

Our latest report for marketing managers discusses:

  • How to use the rise of social commerce to your advantage; drive sales, brand loyalty & new audience acquisition
  • The platforms that are driving the most sales & highest conversion value
  • How you can influence & engage social shoppers to purchase from you
  • What a social commerce strategy should include
  • How micro-moments are changing the rules for e-commerce brands

Get: Stay on top of trends, build value for your customers, and make your brand visible to your target demographics