5 reasons why you need a Content Audit

Content audits are a vital part of your online marketing strategy – they can highlight areas where you’re not maximising your SEO potential, help you reach new customers, and help them convert on your site.  

A content audit is essentially an analysis of all the content on your website. This can be done from both an SEO and user engagement point of view, depending on your chosen key performance indicators (KPIs).

If you’re not sure if you need one, check out this five questions; if you answer ‘yes’ to any of them, then you could definitely benefit from a content audit.  

1. You’re getting loads of traffic, but not a lot of conversions 

If the traffic is flowing easily to your website but you’re not seeing an increase in conversions, it might be that your content is attracting the wrong users. The reason for this could be that the page copy doesn’t target a specific buyer persona, or doesn’t address your target audience’s needs or interests. It could also be down to the content not being persuasive enough, or failing to clarify what action the user should be taking.

2. People don’t know how to find what they need on your website

If users are coming to your website but struggling to find what they’re looking for it’s likely they’ll bounce and look elsewhere. A content audit can identify areas where you can simplify the user journey, so that your target audience is able to find the product or information they’re looking for with ease. 

3. You’re not meeting sales goals

If your sales metrics are falling short as the months roll on, it could be because you haven’t tied your sales strategy to your content strategy, so carrying out a content audit might uncover why your goals aren’t being met.

4. You’re redesigning your website 

If you’ve recently taken on the mammoth task of rebranding your company or redesigning your site,  you can have a complete fresh start by carrying out a content audit to find out which content was and wasn’t successful on your old site. 

5. Subscribers have lost interest in what you’ve got to say

If your site has a blog or you send out regular newsletters to a list of loyal subscribers but they’ve stopped reading your content, then an audit is definitely needed. If you can find out why people subscribed in the first place, you can get your content back on track. A content audit is a great way to check if your content has drifted away from its original purpose. 


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