Paid Search

Today’s pay-per-click (PPC) arena is vast. But we know our quality scores inside out. We precision target ads to the right audience, and get them to click with high quality, persuasive text. We’re paid search pioneers, logical and focused in our approach to search engine marketing. In practice, that means treating your budget like our money, with constant tweaking, reviewing and testing to ensure even the smallest improvements will make a huge difference in maximising your ROI.

Account Reviews

Our first step is to drill down into your current situation, analysing what’s working for you, and what isn’t. We audit your active campaigns to see where improvements could be made. We review abandoned ad groups to see if things could be done differently. And we make sure you’ve got the latest technologies and industry awareness at your disposal, to make gains right away.

Google Shopping

Google Shopping is massive, and it’s only going to get bigger. It’s been an integral part of our paid search focus since its launch in 2012. For our ecommerce businesses, it’s essential. Make sure you’re front and centre when a user is ready to buy, with proven higher conversion rates. And maximise your Return with lower costs per conversion across the board.

Google Premier Partner Status

Our team are AdWords certified. We know exactly what we’re doing when it comes to PPC. And we’ve earned Google Premier Partner Status because of it, one of only a handful of agencies. It means we get early access to brand new products; we review data and analysis that isn’t normally available; and we benefit from expert, additional advice from our privileged contacts at Google.

Mobile First

You can’t hide from the fact that customers shop on mobiles. It’s a given. More conversion journeys start on mobile devices than anywhere else – so make sure your PPC strategy matches this. We don’t just use bid modifiers to control device level bidding or ads that are optimised for smaller screens. We focus on specific targeted mobile campaigns to match intent and behaviour across individual platforms.

Competitor & Landscape Analysis

You know your click through rates and costs per click, but what about your competitors? You’re in a high-stakes auction, knowing your opposition is vital. But we don’t just benchmark your competitors, we uncover what works for them, and analyse what we can do better.

We understand the wider landscape of your sector too, pinpointing seasonal trends, identifying high ROI products, and supporting your plans for growth and expansion.

International PPC

We live in a globalised economy. Our e-commerce clients sell their products across the world. International PPC is one of the cornerstones of their success. So test new markets in low-risk, cost-effective ways. Use us as a launching pad to expand overseas.

Work with us and our multi-lingual experts, building campaigns that target key search terms abroad and account for foreign language slang.

Customer Match

Do you have a large email database of previous and potential customers? Use it to your full advantage. With customer match, we use your list of emails to target paid search ads to customers who know your brand and have bought from you before.

We show highly relevant ads and harness the stronger interest during searches. Most importantly, we increase the average lifetime value of your customers.

Sounds good?

If this sounds like something we can help you with please send us an enquiry and we’ll get back to you soon.