8 Ways To Upgrade Your Ecommerce Remarketing Banners

Remarketing allows marketers to create a list of people who came to their website and showed interest in a particular page, product or performed certain actions such as abandoning a basket. We can then display banners or text ads to their audience, enticing them back to the site on a landing page we specify.

This is one of the most successful pay per click tactics for driving high quality traffic to eCommerce websites. Even campaigns with ad banners not optimised for eCommerce can provide positive results. This has led to many marketers leaving their campaigns alone, as they see ROI and mark it down as a success. But if you can get more conversions for less money, why not change the formulae?

Below we have provided eight tips on tweaking the design and copy of your banners to help elevate your campaign to the next level.

Use the most successful sizes

Google Ad Sense have published their top performing banner sizes, helping you cut out the research phase of what sizes convert. Use the sizes below to get a jump on your conversion rate.


The most effective remarketing banners:

We also found that 160 x 600 aka “widescraper” also worked well in our campaigns.

You can download all these banners from our digital marketing resource centre for free.


Have a call-to-action that reflects intent

Your remarketing ads often attract customers further down the marketing funnel than a normal pay per click ad. That’s why your call-to-action needs to have purchase intent in the language. You want to cut out users in the research phase and capture people who are ready to convert. This helps generate higher quality clicks and keeps costs down.

Tip: Change “view now” to “buy now”.

Target abandoned baskets

Abandoned Basket Remarketing is a great way to attract an audience with clear purchase intent. This form of remarketing enables us to attract customers who have previously added a product to their basket but for whatever reason did not proceeded with the purchase. So how do we get them back? To do this we need to address the issue of why they did not complete the purchase in the first place. We can then provide a strong incentive for those customers to complete the purchase, such as ‘Free Delivery’ or ‘Save 15% by Entering CODE at Checkout’



Mention the price

When you add the price of a product to your remarketing banners expect to see the click through rate drop. Don’t get fixated on the drop as this is what we want to happen. When people click on an eCommerce remarketing banner they are interested in one thing, the price.

By showing the price we eliminate most users who are in the research stage of their purchase. In turn we are able to reduce costs by limiting  clicks from customers with no purchase intent which enables us to increase the conversion rate.

Banners with no price

User sees the banner and clicks  cost incurred  user sees the price  user bounces or converts

Banners with prices

User sees the banner and clicks  cost incurred  user converts

[tweet_box]Show the price in eCommerce remarketing banners to eliminate users who are in the research stage of their purchase.[/tweet_box]

Time Sensitivity

Including a sense of urgency in your banner and text ads encourages the user to click because they may lose the deal. Time sensitivity in ads commonly comes in the form of a call-to-action such as “offer valid until” and “last next day delivery before Christmas”.

Tip: Even if you have no time sensitive deals you can add a sense of urgency by including the copy “while stocks last” and “last of (insert season) stock” to your ads.

Reflect your brand’s feel

The design of the banner has to jog the user’s memory that they have already interacted with your brand. Simple techniques such as using your brand’s logo, colour scheme and showing the same product picture as seen on your website will help build familiarity at a glance.

What About Text Ads?

Often marketers assume remarketing is for displaying banners or moving images, however it’s also important not to forget about text ads. Creating banners and moving image ads often take more time and consideration than text ads, using a selection of text ads is subsequently a great way to test which message works best before spending time designing and creating banner adverts. Utilising text ads for remarketing also enables you to increase the reach by filling spaces on the display network where banners will often not fit. If the return is already strong for your banner adverts, why not try text ads in order to maximise exposure?

[tweet_box]Use a selection of remarketing text ads to test which message works best before spending time creating banners[/tweet_box]

Lower Cost Per Click

We often find that remarketing ads retain a strong position in Google for a relatively low cost per click particularly when compared to regular search ads. We recommend testing a lower average cost per click which enables your ads to continue attracting a high volume of clicks for a much lower cost. In conjunction with a well refined audience, a lower average cost per click within a remarketing campaign can subsequently provide a much lower cost per sale than many other forms of advertising.


Let us know if you have any more tips on generating ROI on eCommerce remarketing banners in the comment box below. 

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