Case Study

Access Insurance

Access Insurance is a well established insurance brokers who specialise in the charity, community and ecclesiastical sectors. They provide bespoke insurance deals due to their unique partnerships.

The Brief

Our objective was to increase the quantity of users who fill out a form to receive a phone call from their expert brokers to start the process of creating tailor made insurance for their business.

Conducted Research

When first taking on the account we needed to get an understanding of the business and the audience. 

We conducted a heuristic analysis  where several of our experts review the website from an unbiased perspective, putting themselves in the users’ shoes and highlighting potential issues. 

This activity gave us questions we needed to answer through the data we gathered from tools such as Google Analytics and Hotjar.

user behaviour research for Access Insurance
A/B test Access Insurance form

A/B Tested A New Form

The observations then fed into creating 5 behaviour hypotheses and between 5-7 test ideas to explore those behaviours. 

One of the tests was to test a traditional one page form against a stepped form to see how the level of information provided on load encouraged users to fill out the form. 

This also enabled us to add in more fields to grab information that is useful for the insurance brokers at the initial stage of contact for a more meaningful conversation.

How we did it

Return's Results


increase in form conversions

For every form completion on the original design, 1.5 converted on the test variation.

Want These Results?

Working with Return has been great. We saw fantastic improvements, particularly in conversion rate following lots of CRO work. What I really appreciated was their approach of executing the plan while providing a full explanation of why they’d decided on a course of action and the research they’d done to back it up. Return helped us adopt an attitude of constantly testing new ideas to improve our core metrics.

James Hill, Marketing Manager.

Services used by Access Insurance

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Quantitative and qualitative research of user behaviour with the website leading to actionable insights to improve conversion rates.