Case Study


Nimes are a premium streetwear brand, specialising in denim. Founded in 2016, after launching their first collection of super skinny spray on jeans, Nimes have become a popular brand with celebrities and social media influencers alike.

The Brief

Return were brought on board by Nimes, to improve their customer journey, conversion rate and paid social strategy.

Our objectives were to:

> Improve customer journey. Create a seamless, multi-channel experience for the customer on both the website and social media platforms.

> Increase conversion. Minimise the drop in transactions Nimes have experienced when stock levels are low.

Insight & Analysis

Using varying types of research methods, we completed a thorough analysis of Nimes’ customer behaviour. This included analysis of Google Analytics and Hotjar data, as well as reviewing competitors.

Our main findings were:

  • The homepage design was inconsistent with social media ads. The social ads used colourful lifestyle imagery, whereas homepage images were on a plain background. The plainer imagery wasn’t resonating with their target audience. 
  • Users were going straight to the navigation menu, rather than clicking on homepage banners.
  • The navigation menu was unorganised and confusing for customers.
  • Nimes’ checkout lacked a variety of payment options in comparison with competitors.
Nimes Hotjar
Hotjar Analysis Of Homepage
Nimes HP

Test Hypotheses

Based on the analysis, a number of hypotheses were established to contribute to an increase in transactions.

  • A homepage redesign using appealing lifestyle imagery will increase CTR to category pages.
  • Adding more payment options at checkout will reduce the number of basket abandonments. 
  • Rearranging the navigation menu to be more logical will improve the user journey, and as a result reduce exits.

A/B Test

We ran an A/B test on a redesigned homepage, which included a stronger focus on product categories, clearer call to actions and photography that resonated with Nimes’ target audience. The test delivered a 100% confidence level after 4 weeks.

How we did it

Return's Results

Over a 1 month period we'd driven:


increase in CTR


increase in transactions

Want These Results?

Return are a pleasure to work with! Their strategic and research based approach has produced impressive test results that have improved our conversion rate significantly. We’re really happy with the results so far and look forward to our future with Return.

James Stanford, Director.

Services used by Nimes

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Analysis, understanding and improvement of your customers conversion journey.

Paid Social

Management and development of Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest and emerging platforms.