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Robinsons Brewery

In recent years, Old Tom – ‘the original craft beer’ and part of the Robinsons Brewery family – had seen a decline in sales. Despite winning numerous industry awards, including ‘World’s Best Beer’, Old Tom was experiencing brand decline and was losing out to its more digitally savvy competitors.Robinsons Brewery was to increase in-store purchases by improving consumer recall of its Old Tom ale’s rebranded packaging.


01 Increase in-store purchases

The fundamental objective of the campaign was to increase in-store purchases by improving consumer recall of Old Tom’s rebranded packaging, which incorporates new contemporary labels that reference the brand’s history while maintaining the bottle’s iconic shape.

02 Increase brand reach

Getting in front of relevant audiences and building brand awareness in an effective, efficient manner was to be achieved by increasing Old Tom’s brand reach through YouTube and Facebook, where these consumers were predominantly active.

03 Build desire among new audiences

Building desire for Old Tom products among new, younger audiences while keeping creative in line with the brand’s values and proposition was imperative to drive brand recall, as future campaigns would need to learn from and strengthen this message to encourage repeat purchases.


01 Digital-savvy competitors

Despite winning numerous industry awards, including ‘World’s Best Beer’, Old Tom was experiencing brand decline and was losing out to its more digitally savvy competitors.

02 Proliferation of craft beer

The increasing proliferation of craft beer and ale brands – all of which are fighting for brand awareness, affinity and recall in a crowded marketplace – were a key influence for Robinsons Brewery to react.

The Strategy

Geo-Targeted Strategy

The strategy had an audience-led approach, targeting a combination of new audiences and existing fans, both male and female, between the ages of 25-54. This included those who showed strong affinities to craft ale, were existing fans of Robinsons, or were living in the North of England.

Targeting started with a mixture of affinity audience, placement and keyword targeting based on our research into Old Tom’s target market.

Cross Device

A cross-device strategy was employed to maximise exposure of Bumper & TrueView ads, which mirrored each other in terms of location, demographic and interest targeting – ensuring all ad formats were reaching relevant audiences.

Both formats of ad played a vital role in the success of the campaign. Bumper ads acted as reminder content to the longer, skippable TrueView ads, at a low cost.

Mitigating Audience Fatigue

To avoid audience fatigue, the audience targeting was refreshed every four weeks, pausing the audiences with the lowest view-rates and replacing them with new affinity audiences.

Video Creative

Associating Old Tom’s bottle with its heritage would support the consumer’s decision in that moment. Therefore, to aid recall once in store, the video creative needed to focus on the bottle and label design.

The videos followed the evolution of Old Tom’s branding since it was first sold in 1899 and boasted how, although times and trends change, Old Tom remains the original and the best. This message was supported by referencing some of the various awards won by Old Tom over the years.

The Results

  • 01

    81% growth in bottles sold

  • 02

    1.5 million Impressions

  • 03

    320k number of people reached

  • 04

    33% increase in search interest

  • 05

    Winner of the 'Best use of YouTube on a Small Budget' at the YouTube Works for Brands 2018

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