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The Skirting Board Shop


01 Increase Revenue

Drive return on digital marketing investment from all organic and paid channels

02 Reach New Audiences

Adapt to changing market by attracting first-time buyers and trade customers

03 Raise Visibility

Ensure The Skirting Board Shop is visible at each stage of the buyer cycle across all demographics


01 Changing Audience

Customers in the 25-34 age demographic represent an increasing segment of The Skirting Board Shop’s audience

02 Changing Behaviours

A positive mobile experience is more important than ever, with an increasing volume of traffic and revenue coming from mobile

The Strategy

Our expertise in Search Innovation helped The Skirting Board Shop grow their online business by identifying their most valuable audience and reaching them more effectively through improved targeting and specific ad copy.

Targeting Highest Average Order Values

In order to maximise SBS’s return on paid search investment, we identified products which always appeared to have the highest average order values (AOVs). Upon completing further research and holding discussions with the client around these trends, we identified that these products were nearly always bought by tradespeople.

Learning from the success of our existing Google Shopping campaigns, we rolled out a Search campaign to increase SBS’s exposure and brand awareness. Our trend analysis and persona research found that tradespeople are quick to purchase – they see the exact item they want, at a competitive price and buy. We also found that price and quality are extremely important to tradespeople. This allowed us to create bespoke ad copy for tradespeople, highlighting the high quality of SBS’s products and also their affordability.


We used a combination of Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA) and Similar Audiences for Search. By bidding strategically, we were able to broaden the exposure of the brand and increase sales from regular consumers, but more importantly from tradespeople who have the larger AOVs and also higher lifetime value.

To make sure we were capturing as many Tradesmen as possible, we implemented RLSA lists for pages that were valuable to those shoppers based on evidence from Google Analytics, allowing us to bid more aggressively and strategically.

The Results

  • 01

    171% increase in revenue via Paid Search

  • 02

    675% increase in ecommerce conversion rate

  • 03

    137% increase in transactions from Paid Search

  • 04

    92% increase in conversion rate from Paid Search

  • 05

    582% increase in organic keywords

The Client's Own Words

Return are a great asset to The Skirting Board Shop, without them I can’t see how we would have grown and progressed as a business so quickly.

Bronia and her team go the extra mile when it comes to new campaigns and knowing the trends. We are, very efficiently, kept updated with progress month-on-month and are always included in the loop of things on Basecamp, which works extremely well.


John Critchley, The Skirting Board Shop

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