Instagram Prototypes “Latest Posts” Feature



Remember back in 2016, when Instagram switched from the reverse-chronological feed that showed posts from everyone you followed in order? When it changed to an algorithmic feed based on what the platform thought you’d like best, ranked based on who and what content you interact with the most? 

When this feed change happened, many users thought they were missing posts or found the jumbled timestamps confusing. This triggered a lot of backlash from users, many of which wanted the return of the chronological feed. 

According to Jane Manchun Wong, a reverse engineer, Instagram is testing a new prototype of a new feature called ‘Latest Posts’ within the code of its Android app. In the screenshots below, a popup over a users main feed will read ‘“Welcome Back! Get caught up on the posts from [names of people you follow] and 9 more” allowing users to be sent to a separate screen showing the most recent feed posts, or to simply select ‘Not Now’ to continue with their regular feed. 

Instagram Latest Posts
Instagram Latest Posts


In the past, Instagram has tried to assure users that they’d seen all the posts of their network with a “You’re all caught up” insert within the feed if they’d scrolled past everything in the past 48 hours. The introduction of ‘Latest Posts’ could be another way to assure users that they’re up-to-date within their feed. 

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