Return On Digital Named Google Premier Partner

At Return, we make no secret of our expertise in paid search. Just three months ago we were named Best PPC & SEO Agency at the Prolific North Awards, so it seems people are already paying attention!

Today, we’re proud to announce that we’ve received yet more recognition for our paid search abilities. Google, who know a thing or two about paid search themselves, have awarded us their coveted Premier Partner status (you can find our Google Partners profile here).


What is a Google Premier Partner Agency?

Google only awards Premier Partner status to the best of the best. To get our certification, we had to fit Google’s PPC ad spend criteria (which means managing a substantial AdWords spend) and have the required number of qualified individuals within the agency. We also had to hit targets set by Google based on our management of campaigns and demonstrate that we apply all key strategies to every one of our client accounts.

Essentially, this means we’ve proven our ability to run intelligent and highly effective Google AdWords campaigns with significant budgets – which is obviously great news for our clients.


What does it mean to us?

Unsurprisingly, we were delighted to be awarded Premier Partner status. Here’s what our Paid Search Campaign Manager Rachel Rowley had to say about the announcement:

“Getting this promoted status means the world to our PPC team and the agency as a whole because it’s testament to the hard work, dedication and passion we have as a PPC team; we are so proud.

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