Biometric User Lab

Our Biometric User Lab gives us the opportunity to understand how your website visitors interact with your website, video or marketing campaign, both physically and emotionally. Basic conversion optimisation tools have allowed for interactions with websites, such as clicks and scrolls, to be recorded and analysed, however we now have the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding, and therefore develop more impactful solutions.

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Eye Tracking

Our eye tracking technology uses infrared cameras to track where a website visitor or video watcher is looking on their screen, the distance they are away from the screen and if their pupils dilate during this time. This is all tracked through a discreet camera which sits at the bottom of a standard monitor, in our Biometric User Lab.

From these results, we are able to see where visitors are looking and paying attention, how engaged they are based on if they are leaning in or leaning away from the screen and if their pupils are dilating signalling interest.

Facial Expression Analysis

Using a small webcam and a sophisticated algorithm allows us to monitor key facial expressions displayed in real time. Analysing elements such as brow furrows, lip turns, eye squints, smirks and smiles for example, gives the first insights into the user's emotional state.

The result of this, when combined with eye tracking, is the ability to observe where people are looking, for how long and what emotion they are expressing while this is happening. For example, is there no show of emotion, signalling lack of engagement? Or, is there a key moment or product shot in a video which makes users confused?

Galvanic Skin Response

By attaching small sensors to the viewer's fingers we are able to measure the intensity of their emotional arousal.

A user’s level of emotional arousal changes in response to the environment they are in, or as a result of what they are seeing. It is important to know that both feelings of joy or sadness would show the same result, as it is the intensity of the emotion measured, not the type of emotion.

How can biometrics benefit your business?

By learning where people pay attention, what emotional state the experience triggers and how intense that emotional state is, in real time, we can deliver a level of insight on which optimisations can be made.

A typical process would be to uncover an element to test. Is there a less than optimal conversion rate? A high bounce rate? An element of video which has over performed? A desire to increase engagement? The outcome is then set and a test devised to deliver a deeper insight. 

When all the data is collected and interrogated, a report is compiled, sharing the insight including areas such as sticking points, emotional triggers or elements to improve. By understanding not only what is happening, but why it is happening, we can create true optimisations that deliver a return.