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Good content gets your brand in front of your audience. Great content earns you clicks and conversions. The best content inspires brand loyalty and boosts the lifetime value of your customers.

Convincing and compelling, our content builds awareness. We understand what works for you, your customers and the journalists we want to outreach to, and we produce campaigns that match.

Need to drive a better Return from your Content Marketing?

We have proven results in increasing website visitors, controlling and scaling campaigns and converting visitors into customers.
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Through detailed audits of your content, both on page and blog, and your backlink profile, we highlight any stumbling blocks, suggest improvements to your call to actions and ensure your message is clear to your audience. By analysing your competitors we also identify any gaps in your current approach to content and advise on the best ways to overcome these.

Audience Research & Analysis

We know your audience inside out. We understand their emotions, what appeals to them and what content they like to consume. Our audience research and analysis gives you unique insights into your customer base, and allows us to produce content and campaign that will resonate with both your brand and your audience.

Creative Campaigns

Creative campaigns get your brand noticed, and ours don’t stop with just written content. Working with our creative teams, we shape new digital conversations devising unique content pieces, viral videos and other engaging visuals that will make you stand out from the crowd. Whether it’s on-site copy or white papers, interactive games or engaging graphics, our content adds value for your audience. And for your brand, it delivers positive experiences and increased sales.

Outreach & Link Acquisition

We know how to get you the coverage your business deserves. Using a diverse selection of tools and tactics, we build relationships with key journalists and connect with publishing authorities – all to enhance perceptions, improve sentiments, and drive conversions for your brand online. Our compelling content earns you natural, high quality links that make all the difference, boosting your visibility and increasing your ranking potential.


To cut through the competition and get in front of your audience, you need a strong content strategy. Our unique approach to content and outreach increases your brand’s visibility, encourages engagement from your target audience and earns your website valuable links. We uncover what your competition is doing and analyse their efforts to ensure you can achieve more. We use social listening tools and data insights to learn what your audience likes, loves and shares, and use this to identify what you should be publishing and when - and where it should be promoted afterwards to achieve the most return.

Video Creation and Optimisation

Content is more than just words. Videos engage and excite. They reach an audience strapped for time. Increasingly, they take priority in social media feeds. Our video creations educate your visitors. They persuade them to stay and explore your website. They help to convert. And we make sure they’re fully optimised to give your maximum benefit from search engines.

In a world of information overload, how do you create content that stands out from the noise? And how do you get the right people to notice it, and even link to it? At Return, we use a data led approach to create content that your customers want to read and that journalists want to cover.

Ellie Hawkins, Head of Organic.

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The Chancellors brand is a group of leading estate agents, with more than 50 branches in Southern England and Mid Wales. The Chancellors group also comprises of specialist mortgage and insurance advisors.

Return was brought onboard to raise awareness of Chancellor’s individual local branches, and to drive more traffic to the website organically, by implementing SEO and content marketing strategies.