Earned Media

Reach interested and engaged readers. Generate a buzz with compelling content. Get big results for your brand. Online PR seamlessly blends the traditional with digital. It amplifies your impact and engages a wider audience. And it drives a powerful Return. Using a diverse selection of tools and tactics, we recruit influential bloggers, we build relationships with key journalists, and we connect with publishing authorities – all to enhance perceptions, improve sentiments, and drive conversions for your brand online.

Press Releases

Traditional. Timeless. And an integral part of all PR. Press releases get your news out there. In front of the right people, with the right connections, they get your brand noticed. Timed and targeted, written with precision, and offering unique insights, our press releases make an impact for your brand – followed up with an authoritative link.

Audience Research & Analysis

Understand your audience’s emotions. Discover what content they like to consume. Learn how to talk with them effectively. Our audience research and analysis gives you unique insights into your customer base. We identify exactly who your brand resonates with. And we ensure your content aligns with who you’d like your core customers to be with relevant topics.

Online Coverage and Link Acquisition

We’ve know how to get your brand featured with the biggest publishing authorities. We’ve got connections with traditional news sites. But that’s not where we focus all our efforts. Online coverage comes in a variety of forms. Whether it’s journalists or bloggers, editors or YouTubers – we get you the most relevant coverage to your target audience. And we couple it with links that have the most potential to impact your domain authority.

Influencer Outreach

Trust, authority, and the power to persuade. Influencers have these. And your audience listens to them. Working in your sector or niche, we identify those who can help encourage promotion and engagement. We tweet, we call, we email and we meet. We know how to reach out to those who you have your audience’s attention. In the press, across social media, on blogs or on YouTube, we manage the conversation for your benefit.

Media Relations

Charming and engaging. Charismatic and socialable. We never stop nurturing our relationships with the media. We’re constantly building new ones. And we’ve got friends in many places.

On the phone or in person, established journalists or the hottest social media stars – we know who they are and they know us. Our friendships and connections mean we can maximise your earned media results.

Media Requests and Newsjacking

We’re always listening, always on, always ready to react. Constantly monitoring the latest news developments and the rising trends, we act at moment’s notice. Our brands are thought leaders for media requests. Our clients often highjack news stories for their own benefit.

And we make sure you’re front and centre, at all times.

Creative Campaigns

Creative campaigns help your brand get noticed. They make you stand out from your competitors. And they’re picked up by PR and media professionals. We don’t just steer the digital conversations.

We shape them from the beginning, working with our creative team on unique content pieces, viral videos, and social media campaigns. Together, we enhance the perceptions of your brand.

Sounds good?

If this sounds like something we can help you with please send us an enquiry and we’ll get back to you soon.