Technical SEO

Millions of searches are performed every day and the search results pages are extremely competitive. Ensuring your website is fast, indexable, relevant and optimised is key.

As a Technical SEO Agency, we don’t just understand the diverse signals used by search engine algorithms, we understand how users actually perform searches and the context in which they’re made.

We help you stay on top of the constant changes to search results with our technical SEO knowledge. Google updates, website infrastructure, on site best practice and solving technical issues all provide opportunities to increase website visitors.

Need to drive a better Return from your Technical SEO?

We have proven results in increasing website visitors, controlling and scaling campaigns and converting visitors into customers.
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Technical Audits

Our in depth technical SEO audits will assess your current organic performance and rankings, flagging the signals that can be improved upon immediately. This supports an entire Technical SEO strategy ensuring search engines can access your site, index pages and rank your content.

Mobile Optimisation

The mobile first index is here. The majority of new searches at the start of a user journey and then right through to conversion happen on a mobile device. Mobile optimisation is also essential for local, location based searches. Your website needs to be more than mobile friendly – it should be mobile first.

On-site Optimisation

Optimising your site isn’t just to send the right signals to search engines. It’s about giving users what they want. You want them to click-through. To engage with your content. To stay on the page, and not to bounce. These are all essential SEO metrics. We know how to address them. We ensure all key elements are present and optimised, from title tags to internal linking, images to H1 tags. We fix duplicate content issues. And we make your site’s organic performance even better. Our CRO services give another level of consumer insights more more optimisation opportunities.

Crawl Rate Optimisation

If you’re an e-commerce business, you’ll understand just how important crawl rate optimisation is. Track, monitor and focus on how search engines crawl your site. Make sure your crawl budget is well spent. Find the optimal way to present and index paginated content. We know this is vital for large sites. And we use it as an integral part of our strategy to ensure the visitor experience is as fast and smooth as possible.

Click-through Rate Optimisation

We never stop striving for that coveted top spot. But we also know click-throughs are more important. We know how to stand out on search engine results page. We understand how to attract users to your site. By using the latest rich snippet schema mark ups, strong title tags and persuasive meta descriptions, we increase your click-through rates.

Penalty Prevention & Removal

Google penalties can be crippling. Removal doesn’t guarantee recovery. But we know how to prevent them and we work tirelessly to rectify any past problems – whether a result of dubious tactics or misfortune. We understand Google best practice inside out. We’re experienced in getting penalties lifted and disavowing links. And we know how to build links moving forward, get your ranking on track, and future proof your site for algorithm updates.