YouTube Advertising

YouTube can now be considered the world’s second largest search engine, with over one billion unique users and six billion hours of videos watched each month.

Over time, YouTube has become a core part of many people’s lives and, as a result, you can use it to command their attention like very few other advertising platforms are able to. Unlike traditional video content on TV, a YouTube video will more than likely be the user’s sole focus whilst the video is playing (they may even have a TV on in the background).

Completely measurable and customisable, YouTube advertising offers you many of the same targeting options found in a Google Ads campaign, as well as a few more options unique to YouTube. As a YouTube agency, we are experts in making this form of advertising a great fit for you, no matter the size of your business.


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Bumper Ads

Perfect for building a brand, bumpers are six second, unskippable ads played before a user’s chosen YouTube video. Whilst very short in length and not ideal for telling a story, Bumper Ads are extremely cost effective with bidding taking the form of CPM (cost per thousand views). With effective targeting, you can expect a very good volume of views at a CPM of around £2 to £3.

Trueview Ads

Ideal if you have a story to tell, Trueview allows you to use content of any length to get across a much more complex message to your customer. Played before or during the chosen video, users are given the option to skip the ad after five seconds, and whilst Trueview is typically more expensive than a Bumper Ad, you only pay when a user watches for at least 30 seconds or until the end of the ad (whichever is shorter).

Sequenced Campaigns

Whilst Trueview and Bumpers both have their unique advantages separately, they can also be combined to great effect by using a Sequenced Campaign. With a Sequenced Campaign you can dictate the order your prospective customer views your content in, only moving onto the next ad in the sequence once they have fully viewed the previous. A sequence of ads lets you tell the complex story of your brand over a course of days and weeks, rather than a simple message over the course of 30 seconds or so.


Those familiar with Google Ads campaigns will be well versed with a number of the available targeting options within YouTube. Gender, age, demographic, in-market and affinity audience targeting all work very similarly to a Search or Display campaign, but there are a few extra options which make YouTube unique. Targeting ads to a specific channel can help align your brand with well-known faces without an endorsement deal, whilst aiming your ads at specific videos on YouTube (such as product reviews) can help drive clicks from users who are clearly showing an interest in your brand or product.


Much like remarketing on Search or Display, YouTube allows you to target previous visitors to your website with ads, but with a much more impactful medium. A YouTube ad consisting of video and audio will be much more likely to have a lasting effect on your targeted user than a static image ad you’d find on the Display network, or a text ad you’d find on the search engine results page.