Negative SEO Attacks and How to Recover

Search engine optimisation is the art of driving more traffic to your website through higher rankings on the results page.

How to compile User Journeys for Organic Marketing

Since Google launched in 1998, the company has been working endlessly to improve the relevancy and accuracy of their results. We have seen many game changing algorithms over the years that have a specific emphasis on quality, reputation and expertise.

How to Deal With Out of Stock Product Pages

15 Reasons Why Your Site is Not on Google

It is essential to make sure your website is showing in the Google search engine listings. Google processes over 40,000 queries a second, equalling 3.5 billion searches per day. If your website is not listed, growing your online visibility will be much harder.

Why delaying migrating to HTTPS could impact your revenue

There’s been a lot of chat in the past few years about SSL (Secure Sockets Layers) certificates, HTTPS and what they mean. We won’t dive into the technical details during this blog, because all you really need to know is that simple a ‘s; at the end of http simply means that any data and […]

On the road to omnichannel: How are you linking online to offline?

Omnichannel is all about implementing the best of both worlds. The customer experience should be effortless, creating a strong resemblance between the brand’s physical and online presence whilst remembering data and allowing the customer to transition mediums effortlessly.