The Why, What and How of Advertising on YouTube

YouTube has become so much more than a place to watch funny cat videos. Now, as well as being a recreational video sharing site, YouTube is a powerful tool when it comes to building brand awareness and increasing lead generation.

Why You Need CRM Data for Paid Social

Customer relationship management (CRM) refers to the strategies, practices and technologies that a business uses to analyse and manage customer data, helping them to improve customer relationships and drive sales.

Is YouTube Best for Brand Building or Lead Gen?

YouTube is a key platform if you’re seeking to increase brand awareness and are playing the long game. The nature of the platform and the way users consume the information makes it ideally suited for emotional versus rational advertising.

Social Roadmap – Where the Hell are We Going?

In the ever-evolving landscape of social media, it can sometimes be difficult to keep abreast of the various updates and changes that seem to take place so rapidly. That’s why we’ve put together this roadmap to detail Facebook’s most exciting changes in recent months, as well as providing insight on what we can expect to […]

Brighton SEO: Jeroen Maljers – Hidden Messages: The Psychology Behind PPC & SEO

With so many thought leaders from the search marketing industry present each year (including our very own CEO Guy Levine!), Brighton SEO always offers a wealth of invaluable insight and opinion. We’ve already covered several of the talks that took place at the 2018 edition, and now we turn our attention to the psychology which […]

How to fix your Duplicate Content woes

Duplicate content is defined by Google as “blocks of content within or across domains that completely match or are similar”. And believe it or not, it makes up a staggering 29% of the internet. That’s almost a third of all words on the web which aren’t unique – which is highly confusing to search engines.

5 reasons why you need a Content Audit

Content audits are a vital part of your online marketing strategy – they can highlight areas where you’re not maximising your SEO potential, help you reach new customers, and help them convert on your site.  

How to Compete with Influencer Marketing

According to a consumer survey by Bloglovin’, 54% of women have bought a product or service after seeing an influencer posting about it on social media, and 45% began following a brand because an influencer has created a sponsored post about their product.

Manchester Fashion Week: Brands and Trends from the Catwalk

It’s no secret that Manchester is the online fashion hub in the UK, with fast fashion brands including  Boohoo, Missguided, Pretty Little Thing, The Couture Club and Good For Nothing all headquartered in the city.  Given our specialism of working with fashion brands, we were keen to get front row seats at the Manchester Fashion […]

How to create (and maintain) brand guidelines

Whether you’re launching a new company or planning a re-launch, developing a brand that reflects your business is one of the most fundamental steps. Though it might seem simple enough, often not enough thought or planning is given to the process.