Interview with Return CEO Guy Levine: “I had to make sure I was the least intelligent person in the room”

Our founder and CEO Guy Levine recently spoke to the Tech North Founders’ Network about starting a business. The interview revealed some of his tips and tricks for early-stage entrepreneurs, the biggest lesson he has learned in business, and the person who inspires him the most. Read on to find out more about what makes […]

How will GDPR impact your use of Cookies and Analytics?

Cookies At the time of writing, cookies are mentioned just once in the entire GDPR, and only in relation to whether they count as ‘personal information’ (only when combined with other identifiers). Because so much of paid digital marketing relies on cookies – analytics, tracking, behavioural targeting, remarketing etc – you can see why the […]

The Ultimate Guide to Content Creation

Whether you’re writing copy for a landing page, a blog post, a category page or a list of meta descriptions, there are a few simple steps you need to follow to make your content double perfect. Doing this will earn you the following benefits:

How to craft a Business Case for Digital Marketing Investment

As marketers, we understand the value of digital. But more than that, we’re digital advocates; we speak passionately about its benefits, from both a standalone perspective and as a complement to other marketing channels.

The Future of Digital: Return’s 2018 Predictions

As the year draws to a close, our senior team reflects on 2017 and offer their predictions for 2018, including video, voice search and shifts in the way brands target their users online. The search landscape is evolving, and by placing more focus on truly understanding your audience and targeting them with the right message […]

Revenue outgrows users on Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2017

Return’s strategy team has released the first wave of results from this year’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday ecommerce campaigns. Our research indicates that brands saw a 57% increase in eComm revenue, in comparison to last year.