TikTok Ads are coming, are you ready?

TikTok Ads are coming, are you ready? If at the mention of TikTok you instead think about Kesha, or without warning the panic triggering countdown clock comes into your head, then you are unaware of this punchy little mobile app, which burst onto the scene from China 6 months ago with a mission to empower […]

A Basic Guide to Audiences for Brands Advertising on Facebook & Instagram

It’s an undeniable truth that audiences are the lifeblood of Paid Social and ensuring that you are targeting the correct one can be tricky. At Return, we’ve adopted a completely ‘Audience First’ approach to what we do. Applying this mentality is the trick to guaranteeing that our campaigns are reaching the most relevant people, at the correct […]

The Future of Audience-First Paid Performance

The paid landscape has seen some huge developments over the last year. Thanks to Return’s dedication to connecting our clients with the right audiences through deep data insight, we’ve managed to stay at the forefront of paid performance. Here, our Head of Paid Performance, Victoria Blount, gives her thoughts on what the future has in […]