TikTok Ads are coming, are you ready?

TikTok Ads are coming, are you ready?

If at the mention of TikTok you instead think about Kesha, or without warning the panic triggering countdown clock comes into your head, then you are unaware of this punchy little mobile app, which burst onto the scene from China 6 months ago with a mission to empower it’s young audience (mostly teenagers) to capture and create moments directly from their smartphones.


This short form video app is not to be underestimated, boasting over 500 million active users and brimming with communities in specific niches like gaming, comedy and music. At its core are challenges, duets & memes (similar to Vine). Similar to Instagram, hashtags are at the core of this app, but the TikTok creators have taken it one stage further by practically running on hashtags alone.

There’s no need to log in or even have an account in order to track what you’re watching in TikTok. The algorithm currently bunches together related videos and recommends them to specific users based on past behavior.

TikTok has been discreetly testing native video ads since the start of the year, so monetisation of the app isn’t too far off. Our prediction is that marketers and brands alike will jump at the chance to test innovative campaigns and influence Gen Zers at low costs.


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