Why it’s Important to Have a Cohesive Media Strategy

At Return, we believe that a cohesive media strategy is integral to driving a positive return on investment for our clients.

The Media Strategy Machine

There is always a temptation to view each element of your media separately, to segment, section off and isolate them from each other. The adage ‘a whole is greater than the sum of its parts’ is definitely true here and a strong marketing strategy is like a complex, well oiled machine. Each and every cog, piston, lever and pulley must work together in unison for the machine to function properly.

SEO v. Paid

This is most true when we look at SEO vs paid media. These two may often be described as arch nemeses and whilst it is true that they are both competing for the same audience, it is when they work together that you are likely to see the best results. PPC ads can provide vital insights that can be invaluable in determining effective SEO solutions. Conversely, effective organic strategies can deliver brand awareness and cover off bases that PPC might miss.

Search v. Social

Similarly, paid search and paid social may have a case of bitter sibling rivalry, (and the ping pong battles in our office have yet to decide which is better) but like any dysfunctional family, when they reconcile their differences they can play nicely together. Each channel plays its own role in the customer journey; social, with its ability to display your brand’s beautiful creative assets, is great at driving brand awareness and remarketing. Search meanwhile has the benefit of being there in those key activation moments and can push a consumer to purchase your product or service.

Online v. Offline

It’s not just online channels! A good digital agency will always be aware of your wider marketing strategy and any offline activity that you may be running. All media has a role to play in the customer journey and can influence them at any stage, whether you’re running a leafleting campaign, an out of home ad or have splurged on fancy TV campaign, these can all have an impact on brand awareness and, in turn, demand. Your digital team will be able to track any increases in search volume and plan budgets for a potential surge in demand.

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