Affinity Audiences Introduced To Google Search Campaigns

Last month Google announced that two new audience targeting methods will be introduced to search campaigns, Affinity Audiences & In Market Seasonal Event segments. The latter will also be available for YouTube campaigns.

Affinity Audiences have been utilised as a part of video and display campaigns for a few years but in the coming weeks, they will be available for search campaigns. These audiences are designed around consumer interests based on previous search behaviour.  

There are broad affinity audiences such as ‘Home & Garden’ and ‘Beauty & Wellness’, as well as more specific audiences such as ‘Cooking Enthusiasts’. These are mostly used to target users who are high in the purchase funnel so they already know what they are looking for but don’t have a lot of awareness around your product.

Affinity Audiences Search


Ahead of the busy festive season, In-Market Seasonal Event Segments will provide the opportunity to target users who have just started to carry out their Christmas shopping. Obviously though, we won’t want to target everybody who is on the lookout for that perfect gift as this will increase cost and lead to a low conversion rate. 

In-Market Segments can be layered on top of other audience targeting to make sure that those being reached are definitely interested in the products that you sell. This type of audience is best used to reach those in the research phase of their purchase journey who could also be looking to buy.

Our Paid Search team have begun adding both of these new features to their campaigns and we are looking forward to seeing how they perform over the coming weeks.

Are you preparing for the festive season? If you would like to fulfil the potential of your Paid Search campaigns, please get in touch today.

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