Digital Audits

Return’s Digital Audit will unearth untapped opportunities, provide an unbiased view of current performance, and highlight areas where your digital marketing efforts could be producing a better ROI for your business.Compiled by our channel experts and strategists, our cost-effective Digital Audit will provide you with key insight on:

Market Trends

Market size and direction.

Seasonal / topical market influence.

How people buy (devices, path to purchase, channels, timescales).

Competitiveness of search landscape.

Search results landscape (layout, opportunity, limitations).

Competitor analysis.

Organic Search

Current rankings, traffic and share of voice.

Technical site performance (e.g. site speed, crawl optimisation).

Content performance (breadth, depth and gap relative to keywords).

Link profile analysis.

Link building and earned media – creative content opportunities.

Keyword priorities – what can and should be focused on.

Device considerations – mobile vs desktop performance.

‘Quick Win’ opportunities.

Paid Search

Campaign structure.

Customer personas and audience list sources / usage.

Keyword targeting (structure, match types, negatives, strategy).

Creative messaging.

Retargeting and RLSA strategy.

Platform usage (search, youtube, GDN).

Shopping feed quality & optimisation.

‘Quick Win’ opportunities.

Paid Social

Campaign structure.

Interest / demographic / behavioural targeting.

‘Lookalike’ strategy.

Audience split testing / overlap.

Use of CRM and first party data.

Retargeting strategy.

Bidding strategy.

Creative – usage, format, messaging.

Platform usage (e.g. Facebook, Instagram etc).

Measurement – KPIs and reporting windows.

‘Quick Win’ opportunities.

Optimisation & Analytics

Multi-channel / attribution implementation.

Tracking & analytics – basic implementation review.

UX / CX – major factors limiting conversion potential.

Sounds good?

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