Nimes are a premium streetwear brand, specialising in denim. Founded in 2016, after launching their first collection of super skinny spray on jeans, Nimes are now a popular brand with celebrities and social media influencers alike. We partnered with Nimes to further enhance their website, by increasing their conversion rate and improving the customer journey.


Increase CTR

Improve click through rate from the homepage through to product pages.

Customer Journey

Identify friction points in the customer journey and reduce bounce rate.

Conversion Rate

Increase the site’s conversion rate through the implementation of a smooth customer journey.


Insight & Analysis

A thorough analysis of Nimes’ customers’ behaviour was conducted. We observed their behavior through the use of GA, GTM, heatmaps, mouse tracking and screen recordings.

Test Hypothesis

Based on the analysis, a test hypothesis was created. We identified that the current homepage lacked a clear focus on their target audience. 

A/B Testing

We implemented an A/B test on Nimes’ homepage. The test version was more product category focussed, with clearer call to actions and photography that resonated with the target audience more.

Test Results

47% increase in conversion rate

31% uplift in click through rate

14% increase in transactions


James Stanford, Director.

“Return are a pleasure to work with! Their strategic and research based approach has produced impressive test results that have improved our conversion rate significantly. We’re really happy with the results so far and look forward to our future with Return.”