Sunkissed Beautiful Bronzing

Sunkissed is a multi-award-winning beauty brand, best known for its vibrant range of bronzing and tanning products. They teamed up with Return to create a digital advertising campaign promoting the new Ultra Dark Selfie Ready Tan and new-look Sunkissed collection.


Product promotion

We were tasked with promoting the updated, new-look collection and ensuring that girls in the right demographics knew that Sunkissed had a brand-new look and products.

Influencer Video

Utilising influencer video, we got creative with cuts and edits, always maintaining a rigorous eye on video engagement, consumption and quality metrics. We made sure that only the most engaging videos were going out to the girls who most wanted to interact with the brand.

Increase on-site/offline purchases

Sunkissed wanted to increase online and offline purchases. We aimed to do this by reaching out to their highest-selling demographics through social and YouTube, ensuring that Sunkissed was always at the front of their minds during the high-demand summer months.


Deliver an Organic experience through Sponsored activity

Overall, we took the approach of maintaining longer-form yet highly concise copy, with native-style phrasing, language and emoji usage. Utilising in-built CTAs and in-copy links in the style of an organic post, as well as delivering in primarily-organic formats such as IG Stories, helped us find the perfect balance between an organic feel and paid performance.

Engage with Gen Z’ers

By dayparting across social and YouTube, we delivered videos to girls in the morning when doing their makeup, at lunch hours during school, after school before the homework rush and in the evenings and weekends. Delivering on such a defined schedule helped us ensure our ads would only show to girls when they were most likely to engage, appearing in the most attention-grabbing placements (such as IG Feeds and IG Stories).

Influencer Features

The campaign featured some of the UK’s fastest-growing beauty YouTube stars, including Stephanie Toms, Jordan Lipscombe, Amy Rose Walker, and Grace & Grace. Each of the girls created gorgeous, glowy looks using Sunkissed products – showing their own make-up obsessed organic audience the very best of the products, while providing us with great collateral for the paid campaign.


9,580,323 impressions across Facebook and Instagram

21,288 unique link clicks

300% increase in website sales from advertising campaign