Is Your PPC Agency Costing You Money?


Sometimes we ask ourselves, do I have the perfect AdWords campaign? Is my PPC strategy the best it can be? Chances are, it isn’t.

Search Engine Journal’s most recent annual survey on the state of digital marketing revealed that 42% of all digital marketers allocate most of their e-commerce budget to PPC & Display ads. With so much at stake, it is vital that brands know this money is being spent in the best and most efficient way possible.

According to former Googler Frederick Vallaeys, the secret to AdWords success is about “developing a great management methodology and sticking to it rigorously”. In other words, you need to be regularly optimising the most important aspects of your campaigns towards your number one goal. Therefore, before you start optimising your paid search campaigns, you should have a very good understanding of your key objective.

But once you’ve defined that goal, how do you assess your performance against it? Are your targets ambitious enough? Could you be generating more bang for your buck?

Fortunately, help is at hand when it comes to answering these often challenging questions…

How to Measure the Success of Your PPC Campaigns with Our Account Audit Tool

Measure the success of your PPC campaigns

We’ve created a detailed PPC Account Audit tool that assesses 350 points of any Paid Search strategy across the 13 most important ways of managing any activity:

  1. Account Structure & Hygiene
  2. Ad Copy
  3. Keywords
  4. Extensions
  5. Locations
  6. Audiences
  7. Impression Share
  8. Performance Review
  9. YouTube
  10. Gmail Sponsored Promotions (GSP)
  11. Shopping Structure
  12. Google Display Network (GDN)
  13. Remarketing

The ability to give a score to each of the above areas, and provide an instant overview of how you’re performing for all of the above areas, provides invaluable insight for retailers and brands. From the appropriate costs per click, to the Google Shopping integration/strategy, our tool provides it all.

Common Concerns About PPC Campaigns and Strategy

Many of the questions and concerns you have about your PPC campaigns and strategy will be similar to marketers in other sectors. When it comes to planning and monitoring PPC campaigns, brands regularly ask themselves the following questions:

  • Are there are any problems with landing page URLs?
  • Are there any unexpected spikes / drops in impressions?
  • Are my PPC ads relevant?
  • Am I missing any important opportunities?
  • Is my daily budgets likely to run out prematurely?
  • How am I tracking against our CPA (versus target)?
  • Has my quality score changed? Are my search terms relevant?

As a Google Premier Partner, you can be sure that our recommendations are verified in line with all the latest Google best practice. So far, we have delivered our strategic audits to more than 30 well-known brands.

Having a truly robust auditing tool enables our team to focus their energy on the things that make a real difference to client performance. This tool is a powerful way to automate the detailed analysis required to truly understand what works and where opportunities exist, and then build a workflow around driving performance for our AdWords campaigns.” – Stephen Murphy – Client Services Director at Return

PPC Account Audit Tool

Case Study: Fuelling Business Growth Through Paid Search

How to grow your brand with paid search

Our expertise in Search Innovation helped one of our clients grow their online business by identifying their most valuable audience, and reaching them more effectively through improved targeting and specific ad copy.

To achieve this, we used a combination of Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA) and Similar Audiences for Search. By bidding strategically, we were able to broaden the exposure of the brand and increase sales from regular consumers, but more importantly from higher lifetime value customers.

Our strategy delivered the following year-on-year results for this client:

  • 238% increase in revenue
  • 213% increase in transactions
  • 107% increase in conversion rate
  • 162% increase in return on ad spend
  • 50% upturn in traffic
  • 14% reduction in costs per click
  • 30% decrease in bounce rate

Don’t have the time to review your PPC activity yourself? Don’t settle for steady growth and wasting valuable investment, follow our client’s example and you could receive results just like these.

Contact us for a FREE audit on your Paid Search activity to ensure you’re investing your money in the right areas.

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