Building a loyal audience base for The Couture Club

Launched in 2015, The Couture Club specialise in premium streetwear and loungewear for men and women. They now have a children’s range as well, for all those aspiring fashionistas and mini-Couture fans!


The Objective

The Couture Club wanted to expand recognition of their brand, as well as building trust and respectability. They wanted to form a loyal audience base that felt engaged with the brand, and chose Return as the agency to collaborate with in order to make these goals a reality.

Social media was already a big part of The Couture Club’s marketing approach; the brand has 200k Instagram followers, more than 30k Facebook followers and 13k followers on Twitter (and growing). With a fashionable and tech-savvy demographic to reach, it was important for us to maintain a strong social media presence in order to build brand awareness.

The Strategy

Our strategy was split out into three phases. We needed to expand brand awareness, respectability and trust, as well as forming an engaged audience base that was loyal to the Couture Club brand, specifically the core menswear offering. With that in mind, we adopted the following three-pronged approach across paid search and social:


Phase 1: Audience Building >>> Remarketing

Using our previous experience with fashion brands such as Public Desire, Oh Polly and Goodwin Smith, we began to build core audiences based around CRM data and a strong mixture of interests. These included similar brands, influencers and lifestyle traits.

Once we’d completed the initial bedding-in period, during which we placed heavy focus on acquiring new audiences, we began to reap the benefits of harvesting this high-quality audience pool and launched a number of conversion-driving campaigns.


Phase 2: Womenswear Launch

When Couture Club launched their womenswear range in November 2017, we began to implement our activity in sync with the launch. To do this, we implemented a similar strategy, only this time it was tailored to the new clothing range.

Traditionally, the womenswear market is a crowded one, so our targeting was key to filtering through the noise in order to reach the intended audience.

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Phase 3: Dynamic Remarketing and Ad Format Display

To drive revenue at the highest rate, we really needed to take our campaigns to the next level. With this in mind, we expanded our repertoire by assisting in the set-up of the mechanics in order to launch Dynamic Remarketing. This helped us to grow The Couture Club’s account by providing a significant additional revenue stream that worked in parallel with our existing campaigns.

By diversifying the platforms and ad formats we were offering by expanding into new, lucrative areas like Instagram Stories and Canvas ads, we not only provided an additional outlet for The Couture Club brand, but we also saw fantastic, sustainable results.


The Results

Since we began collaborating with The Couture Club, we’ve seen an overall ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) of more than 1,400%. That’s more than £14 back for every £1 spent.

What’s more, overall CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) reduced by a staggering 41%.

“After seeing initial growth, we’re really happy to have partnered with Return and have doubled our business over the last year. This is going to be an exciting time for us, after the success of our womenswear launch and Trafford Centre Store, we hope to open three more stores before September 2018. With their passion for results, constant communication and transparency, we know we’ve picked the right agency to achieve our goals!”

– Scott Shashua , Co-owner/Director of The Couture Club


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