Building brand awareness for Linzi – Case Study

Linzi Shoes are an independent shoe brand based in the South of England, specialising in women’s footwear. They have a strong in-store presence in a range of shopping centres in their local area. They were keen to grow their online presence due to the transition of custom to this media over recent years. 


Our Objective 

Linzi wanted to communicate the benefits of their own brand compared to fast fashion types, and so the challenge for Return was to extend Linzi’s visibility and promote their brand awareness in an already crowded marketplace. 


The Strategy

We split our strategy into 3 objectives:

  • Build relevancy by promoting Linzi’s unique selling points.
  • Grow interaction with their brand and communicate the benefits of Linzi shoes compared to other fast fashion brands. 
  • Increase revenue by implementing paid social and paid search strategies.


For Paid Social, a strong, prospecting strategy was introduced in order to attract new customers to the brand. Linzi’s original social approach was focused on remarketing, which was exhausting their audience. It was also only targeting to the London area, meaning they weren’t reaching potential new customers from around the country. Therefore, our strategy was targeted to spread awareness nationwide, to audiences that matched Linzi’s demographic, putting emphasis on the quality and affordability of the brand. 

For Paid Search, Linzi’s previous strategy again was mainly targeted to the London area with a focus on search campaigns. We wanted to introduce potential new customers that met their target demographic. We put in place Google Shopping activity and shifted most of our investments to this in an attempt to push the brand to users who weren’t aware of them, by ensuring that we were visible for longer search queries, and again highlighting the brand’s USPs. 



The Results

Since we put this strategy in place, Linzi have seen an increase in revenue of 152%, a 183% uplift on transactions and a 40% increase in ROAS! 



What Linzi have to say:

‘Working with Return has been a breeze, nothing is too much to ask and we have seen such a great response since working with them! We were looking for an agency we could work closely with and have daily contact, this is exactly what you get from Return! We are looking forward to what is to come’

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