Digital Marketing Halloween Campaigns

Halloween continues to get bigger and bigger each year, and is showing no sign of slowing down. UK consumers’ spending habits have almost doubled since 2013, with UK shoppers spending over 419 million pounds in total in 2018.

If you’re a brand who’s looking to increase your SEO rankings, produce some eye-catching blog content or increase you CTR on your paid social ads, these digital marketing campaigns will be sure to inspire your future Halloween marketing plans. Here’s our round-up of some spookily good Digital Marketing Halloween Campaigns!


To celebrate the release of their new limited-edition Halloween rum, Bacardi played a haunting prank on unsuspecting bar-goers. The guests, located in a trendy Manhattan bar, were left spooked when the bottle of rum took on a life of its own and began moving across the bar. Watch the video below:

This is an example of a great piece of viral content produced for Bacardi’s social channels. Supported by a paid social media ad, promoting a rum and blood orange cocktail recipe, this campaign has a great mix of scary, amusing and shareable content!




Skittles debuted their first TV Advertisement for five years this year, in the form of an iconic Halloween story with a twist. A boy sits in a cauldron-like tub with a very agitated witch sat to the side of him. The boy demands more and more skittles, which the witch had originally used to lure him into her house. However, the tables are turned when the witch begins to beg for him to leave, after she realises how annoying he really is. The advert ends with a play on Skittles’ usual strap line – ‘Annoy the rainbow. Taste the rainbow’. Watch the ad below:

As well as the TV Advertisement, Skittles also implemented paid social ads, promoting their limited edition ‘Zombie Skittles’. Skittles challenged users to try the zombie sweets, which included hidden rotten flavours in every pack. They then encouraged those who purchased the sweets to film an eating challenge using the hashtag #daretherainbow, for a chance to win a prize.




Although Aldi’s Halloween creative was nothing groundbreaking, we felt their marketing strategy as a whole deserved a shout-out. They implemented an effective multi-channel campaign which including paid social, PPC Ads, and strong web content. They ran paid social ads with a competition, to increase user engagement. A Halloween landing page was created on site, with strong SEO copy and engaging content – including outfit inspiration, tutorials and recipe ideas.



KFC released a Mexican themed Halloween video, inspired by the Day of the Dead Festival, for the launch of their new Chickadilla product. The Day of the Dead has been celebrated for centuries, with the holiday falling in the ninth month of the Aztec calendar. The Aztecs chose not to mourn the dead, but instead to celebrate their lives. And so, over the years, the Day of the Dead slowly developed in to a modern day festival.

KFC’s video ad features people who have survived near-death experiences. KFC have then produced a campaign to pledge a lifetime supply of Chickadilla to any one that’s been through a near-death experience. A strange concept when you think about it, but an interesting and memorable one nonetheless. Watch the video below:



Fanta produced limited edition cans to celebrate Halloween. The designs also featured gave the user the ability to download exclusive Snapchat filters. We think this is a great way to link up physical shop-bought products with social media. It’s also an effective way to track and monitor consumer engagement.


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