Return Becomes Official Bing Partner

We are happy to announce that Return are now part of the Bing Partner Program, with a team of accredited Bing specialists working on key accounts, and partner access to useful APIs that we can use for the benefit of our clients.

Bing is Bigger than You Think

Microsoft launched Bing in 2009 to provide a variety of search services, including web, video, image and map products. Their network of searches powered by Bing includes Yahoo, Windows 10, Siri, Amazon and more.

The search engine’s user base has grown to include 524 million unique users, who conduct around five billion searches each month.

Bing shared The Network Marketshare image, showing the usage across the search engine worldwide – overall Bing has about 10% usage share, which equates to 12 billion monthly searches.

The UK sees 25% of searches with them but the United States have the largest percentage, with 33% (5 billion searches per month) of their search conducted via Bing. That’s nearly one in three desktop searches powering the Bing engine.

Across Europe, there are around 12 billion monthly shares – Hong Kong and France are last with 19% for each.

The Customer

As marketers, you need to know where your customers are spending their time. In order to drive sales, understanding the psychology of the customer is invaluable in the early stages of their buying journey.

Results show there are five billion Bing searches per month, 51% of which are from female customers and 49% male. It’s crucial for businesses to understand the Bing customer, as this can greatly inform the benefits of allocating your budget to the search engine.

Statistics have shown very useful insight into the types of customer searching with Bing, starting with 27.8% of world travellers. 6.4 million of the Bing network’s users are ‘very likely’ to purchase a new residence in the next six months, and 20% more likely to have taken 20+ personal international trips in the last three years.

49% users are tech junkies. 27 million of technology searchers are not being reached by Google, which is perhaps surprising given popular perception of the competing search engine giant. Bing is actually home to 47% of computer software’s paid clicks.

Then there is the outdoor type, who are 21% more likely to have spent $500 or more on organic food in the last 30 days than a user found elsewhere.

The trendsetter is nearly 20% of Bing’s audience at 35-44 years old – 14% of which are more likely to be first among friends to own/buy/use the latest household products (non-food).

The Future of Bing

Microsoft last year announced plans for Bing to become ‘pervasive’ and ‘at the heart of day-to-day experiences without users even realising it’.

The search engine will this year secure further collaborations with businesses such as LinkedIn, to add to existing partnerships with Apple’s Siri, Amazon, Windows 10, Xbox, Cortana and more.

Bing’s plans for growth include dynamic native ads and developing opportunities to grow their mobile search share, by developing apps such as Cortana and Bing plus third-party partnerships for a multi-pronged approach.

If you’d like to know how Return can help with your Paid Search strategy, then contact us today to see what we can do.

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