Return’s First Ever VIP Business Meet-Up Featured Talks from Google and Regital!

Last week Return pulled off one of our most exciting events to date. We hosted our first VIP business meet-up in Manchester for companies across the North West, with attendees coming along to Artisan to hear not only from ourselves, but also guest speakers from Google and Regital. With guests from eleven different companies joining us on a pleasantly sunny Wednesday afternoon, everyone had the chance to network over welcome drinks before the talks began.

Our New Tech Tool

We discussed the launch of our excellent new PPC Audit tool, which is designed to seek out new revenue opportunities within paid search campaigns. The tool comprises 158 points of PPC best practice and takes just 45 minutes to complete. It covers everything from account structure to audience, keyword, locations, ad copy, extensions and impressions. Recommendations are formed from a combination of data and automation, along with our own expert insights. It reviews the best performing elements and areas for improvement, as well as identifying and actioning quick wins and implementing medium and longer-term opportunities. The tool allows you to validate your current strategy, benchmark your team’s efforts, unlock more revenue opportunities, spot cost-efficiencies and aids team development and QA. You can see why we’re proud of it!

Our founder Guy Levine talks through the PPC Audit tool

Google Bigs Up YouTube

We recently became a Google Premier Partner and are extremely proud of this status (the highest rank in the Google Partner programme), not least as it allows us to bring in their experts to share knowledge on hot topics such as the increasingly important role of video in ecommerce. Catriona Burnby-Allan spoke all about the power of YouTube and how marketers must take advantage of its potential – and ‘the most important thing is to be there’. There’s no one-size-fits-all formula for marketing successfully via YouTube but just using it to reach your audience is great in itself! Her presentation covered behaviour changes in the modern world, targeting methods in today’s changing advertising landscape, the incredible reach of YouTube and how customer data can be best harnessed to maximise engagement.

Catriona Burnby-Allan discusses the YouTube revolution.

Regital Get Programmatic

Regital pass on their expertise around programmatic buying

Regital is the UK’s leading supplier of digital media, helping businesses get the most from their digital advertising with a powerful combination of global best-in-class technology and on-the-ground strategic, trading and operations experts. They cover display, video, social, mobile and much more, with experience across all major sectors from working with brands such as BBC, Asda, Pizza Hut, Missguided, Skybet and TalkTalk to name but a few. They spoke about how programmatic buying takes the guesswork out of targeting, with an ROI of 21:1 being completely achievable (as they have proven), via a real-world application of the process.

This was followed by a Q&A and discussion, before a further networking session over drinks to conclude a fantastic event. Look out for our next date in the calendar as we have plenty more where they came from!

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