Seduce your Audience with Paid Social (or How to Date your Customers)

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First, a confession: chances are your love life probably isn’t going to go through the roof as a direct result of reading this blog (sorry). I’m basically going to tell you how you can take real-life dating advice, and use it to smash your social media campaigns.


1 – Have a type

When it comes to dating, we’ve all got a ‘type’ – whether that’s in terms of their looks, personality, worldview, or anything else for that matter. These are the people you will connect with most, have the most in common with, and are able to completely relax around.

In the same way, all brands have a ‘type’ – namely their key personas, or ideal audience. When targeting your social media campaigns, you need to reach the right people. If you’re a fast fashion brand selling high heels, you probably don’t want to be reaching Frank Smith, aged 86.


2 – Have a plan

Knowing what you want is an attractive trait. There’s nothing worse than meeting up with someone new and having the dreaded debate about where to go – your date might think you’re not that interested.

The same thing applies to your ads. When you introduce yourself to a new user, you’re more likely to stand out if you already understand their interests and likes (through interest targeting). This will more than likely increase your CTR and improve those first impressions.

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3 – Appearance

Let’s face it – appearance is important. Making sure you’re looking your best is one of the most important things when dating. First impressions count; while it’s not always the be all and end all, there is always the chance that if you get this wrong, it could be game over.

The same thing applies to your ads. You don’t want a user’s first impression of your brand to be awful grammar, blurry images and a dodgy website. Get this right and invest in the little things, as they go a long way when it comes to social advertising.


4 – Don’t be a bore

Don’t forget that in the world of dating, there’s plenty more fish in the sea. It’s important to be fun, energetic and different from the rest. If you don’t make an impression (in a good way), don’t expect to see them again.

Likewise, your adverts can easily become lost in an ocean of identikit ads. To stand out, they need to be thumb-stopping, eye-catching and exciting. A lot of companies make the mistake of being overly formal on social platforms, and it comes across as robotic. People want to know there is a human on the other end of the account – it makes you seem more approachable, and makes engaging with your brand feel more natural.


5 – Stop talking and start listening

Nobody wants to sit there and get talked to for hours on end. Give your date a chance to talk about themselves and the things they like. You never know, they might give you a lightbulb moment for an amazing second date.

Similarly, it doesn’t pay to ignore your audience’s needs when running ads on social. Give the user a chance to decide where they want to go on your site (easily done through a carousel ad format). By doing this, the next ad you show could be exactly what they were after, creating a more personal experience and also enhancing the customer journey.



6 – Give them some space

Don’t make the mistake of putting in all the effort. Dating is a two-way road and you know you deserve better. If it doesn’t feel like it’s going anywhere, naturally you’ll want to put an end to it.

The same applies to your ads. Don’t waste your time re-marketing to the same users over and over who simply don’t convert. You could be using that money to reach new audiences and create worthwhile relationships.


7 – Too much too soon

This is the most common mistake made when dating, and possibly the mistake with the worst consequences. So you’ve had a great evening and they’ve laughed at your jokes, but that doesn’t by any means suggest they’re looking for anything more. Push your luck and it could be an uncomfortable moment for all parties. Another thing your date might not appreciate is being invited to a family event on the second date, where you’re ready and waiting with a bunch of flowers and a flash mob to express your overwhelming love.

Understand your audience; take into consideration the commitment they’re making, and the value of that commitment. Taking data from existing users and seeing how long it has taken them to convert should give you a good idea.


8 – When the time is right…

So you’ve been dating a few months and you’re starting to become really comfortable around one another. Read the signals: are they still going to local singles nights, or are you often to be found gazing into each other’s eyes? Make it official, show you are committed when you are both ready. But there’s no need to rush, some relationships move slower than others.

From a paid social perspective, this point links back to tip 7 – displaying the right message at the right time. If you’ve successfully taken a user on a journey and they are still engaged with your brand, it could be time to offer a pathway to purchase. By now the user should feel comfortable enough to take action.

Better customer targeting with paid social advertising


9 – Make the effort

It’s been 3 months since you made it official. Keep making the effort! Yes, you’re both together now, but that doesn’t mean you should take your relationship for granted. Make time for each other. Maybe a date night once a week?

This is also extremely relevant for brands. It’s easy to forget that the journey doesn’t stop once a user has made a purchase; you need to keep your users actively purchasing through incentives and rewards. If you’ve stopped offering content, discounts and other incentives to your customers, don’t be surprised when they jump ship to a company that treats them better.


BONUS tip:

Fed up of dating? Feel like you’re not getting anywhere and ready to give up? Don’t forget the age-old adage that you’ll find ‘the one’ when you least expect it.

In many ways, this also applies to social advertising. Unlike paid search on Google, when a user ‘stumbles’ across your Facebook advert they aren’t actively searching for you. You just happened to be there at the right time, with the right message (or at least you will be if you follow our tips above!).

That’s it! Let me know how you get on by emailing me at

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