Snapchat launch Dynamic Ads

Snapchat have been expanding their marketing possibilities in the past few years. From being able to track the performance of campaigns using the Snap Pixel, to being able to optimise campaigns for purchases and syncing of products to a product catalogue. 

Now, Snap are announcing Dynamic Ads. This brings automated personalisation to the platform, opening new ways to scale and drive impact easily. 

Snapchat Dynamic Ads formats
Snapchat Dynamic Ads different formats


Brands that are successful on Snapchat know that putting Millennials and Gen Z’s values at the forefront of their business strategy is the most important thing. These users are growing up in a mobile-first world, where they want convenience, authenticity and creativity in the products and services they buy. 

This is where Dynamic Ads are a powerful tool. It’s a simple solution to create mobile ads at scale, whilst preserving the identity of a brand’s products using appealing mobile-native templates. 

Some benefits of using Dynamic Ads include:

  • High-quality creatives: Easily choose from templates designed to showcase products visually, making your ads look beautiful and native to the platform without the need for any special design skills. 
  • Improved return on effort: Cut out the time spent on manually creating ads meaning more time can be spent focusing on growing your business. 
  • Increased ad relevance: Sync your product catalogue, select an audience for prospecting or re-engagement, and let Snap’s system deliver the ad in real-time. As changes to the products occur (i.e. availability or price), the ads will adjust accordingly so you can run ‘always on’ campaigns, to continuously tailor the shopping experience to Snapchatter’s preferred interests. 


The more relevant ads become, the more ROAS will happen for your business. Several brands have already seen great results:

“In Q3, we started out testing Snap’s latest capabilities around Dynamic Ads. Having used Catalogs to manually create ads in the past, we were excited by the prospect of automating this process end-to-end. Although it’s early, we’re seeing very promising results – our Dynamic Ads campaigns are driving a 66% decrease in Cost Per Purchase and a 286% increase in ROAS compared to our 2019 re-engagement initiative running simultaneously.” – Chris Ratterman, Founder & CEO at Shady Rays.

Shady Rays Dynamic Ads. White Background With Purple Glasses
Shady Rays Dynamic Ad


Online fashion retailer Princess Polly have been using Dynamic Ads too. They have seen early success with a 66% decrease in cost per purchase and a 171% increase in ROAS compared to their similar pixel campaign.

Vitaly, an accessories brand, have been able to reuse their existing product feeds to create high-quality and full-screen ads. With Dynamic Ads, they’ve seen a 21% decrease in cost-per-purchase and a 29% increase in ROAS, compared to a similar re-engagement campaign running simultaneously. 

Not sure where to start when it comes to creating Snapchat ads? We’ve got you covered! Our Paid Social Media team are experts in putting together successful ads and targeting your key audience. Get in touch today to find out how the team can transform your Snapchat ad campaigns.

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