Facebook Launches The Next Evolution In Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a hot topic in the digital climate! We have those that are still not sure about the legitimacy of the channel as a performance driver and those that still see the activity well and truly cemented within the digital marketing mix. Irrespective of your viewpoint, there is no doubting the impact the channel has on current conversation, from a consumer and a business point of view. 

As we’re all aware, Facebook launched ‘Brand Collabs Manager’ specifically for Facebook activity, giving creators and brands a space to find, learn and connect with one another. Creators can showcase past work and core audiences, for which brands can reach out to initiate a partnership if there are campaign synergies to be made. 

Following on from the success of the ‘Brands Collabs Manager’, Instagram creators have now been given the opportunity to test out the influencer exchange marketplace within Instagram.



The tool is mirrored similarly to ad targeting, meaning, brands can hone in on their described traits from a range of parameters such as country, gender, age, number of followers and interests. Once a brand and an influencer have begun working together, the platform can provide a range of insights and performance metrics that have evolved from simply ‘likes’ – which are no longer available on Instagram. 

Currently, the platform is being tested across a select few brands and influencers. However, expect the timeline for testing to be short as Facebook looks to play an active role in the $8 billion (Business Insider, 2019) influencer marketing economy.

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